Congratulations! You have just “obtained” your Bulgarian citizenship ID documents (BG identity card and/or international travel passport). They look nice and fresh, even smell like they are expected to – of ink and plastic. But there is that strange feeling hanging in the air that something might be wrong. ThatContinue Reading

Malta and Bulgaria – two sunny countries with many similarities, but also quite different in terms of their investment naturalization programs. We are often being asked by our customers to outline the benefits, as well as the pitfalls, of the Bulgarian and the Maltese “Citizenship by Investment” programs. Which country of the twoContinue Reading

Cyprus and Bulgaria – two countries with great seaside beaches and somewhat similar history. How do their investment citizenship programs compare though? Undoubtedly Bulgaria and Cyprus are the leading two EU countries that provide the best conditions for obtaining citizenship by investment. Therefore we are often being confronted by ourContinue Reading