Afghan refugees Bulgaria

Afghani immigrants are being detained in Bulgaria by the police More than 40 illegal immigrants have been detained in various places in Sofia in the last 24 hours. Most of them are Afghans fleeing the Taliban regime. However, there are Syrians and Iraqis among them too. Most often, foreign nationalsContinue Reading

same-sex relationship Bulgaria

Comprehensive study on the acceptance of same-sex relationships Uglobal published very informative article about the worldwide recognition (or the lack of it) of same-sex relationships, when it comes to immigration (residence permit and citizenship). It appears that not all countries apply the same standards, although the European legislation is graduallyContinue Reading

from citizenship to residence - Chameleon transformation

Citizenship – much better than mere residence If you have been following the global citizenship marketplace in the past few years, you have certainly noticed certain shift in terminology. If you know what citizenship or residence by investment is, you should know by now that citizenship by investment has alwaysContinue Reading