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Bulgaria’s Investment Immigration Program is Not Dead (yet) Alexander Dobrinov is talking on Uglobal’s podcast about the future of the Bulgarian immigration by investment program. What is the outlook of the EU citizenship and residence by investment programs? What is set to change in the next 2 years? Are theContinue Reading

London underground

UK citizens with “Art. 50 residence permit” in Bulgaria At the time when Brexit happened, many Brits were living long-term in Bulgaria. Luckily for them, they got the opportunity to obtain long-term residence permit under the Law on the entry, residence and departure of citizens of the European Union andContinue Reading

Alexander Dobrinov, Deha Bahcuvan, Hristo Vasilev

Restoring your Bulgarian roots – from Turkish perspective Turks of Bulgarian roots arrived in Turkey in great numbers during the 20th Century. During the times of the Communist regime in Bulgaria, there were many suppressive attacks against minorities and religious organizations. This drove people to flee their homeland while leavingContinue Reading

Telus Bulgaria & Facebook

Uncertain future for many Telus employees in Bulgaria Telus, the company that was moderating Facebook’s content in Bulgaria is losing some of its related business. According to BoulevardBulgaria, Telus will no longer moderate the Bulgarian social network. At the same time, we are not only consulting many Telus employees, butContinue Reading

деца на еднополови родители

The decision of the Supreme Administrative Court On 01.03.2023, the Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court issued a decision, which essentially means that: A child born abroad to a woman (non-Bulgarian citizen) who has a same-sex marriage with another woman (Bulgarian citizen) IS NOT A BULGARIAN CITIZEN. We fully share the court’sContinue Reading

EU Blue Card and temporary protection status

Can a foreigner, who has a temporary protection status in Bulgaria, obtain EU Blue Card? Here is our problem for today: Oleg, a non-EU foreigner, is living in Bulgaria with temporary protection status. This is the legal status that is granted to many Ukrainians and other foreigners, who are tryingContinue Reading