Bulgarian citizenship for children of Bulgarian parent, born abroad

Life is a strange thing. Yesterday he was just a client. A man from nowhere. An American asking for legal assistance. It was one of those hundreds requests we receive every day – “how can I get Bulgarian citizenship for my child“… He was just a client… yesterday.

But life is a strange thing. And things change, when you least expect them to….

There are things far more valuable than private comfort or public admiration.

Laila Lalami – a Moroccan-American writer

A birth certificate is what I saw today. It was of Bulgarian lady, who is not with us anymore. And something happened. It happened in an instant. I saw a mother. A mother of a little boy. Earlier today I believed it was a girl. Because she still was a client. Her husband rather. To me it didn’t matter then. But now it does. It does a lot. I saw a family, a child, a tragedy, a soul. And now I want to help, not a customer, but a man with a little boy. Bulgarian boy.

Getting or certifying Bulgarian citizenship is hard

Bulgarian bureaucracy is hilarious. Especially when it comes to citizenship. But we will defy gravity, we will go beyond the ordinary. And we will get this little boy what he has the right to – the citizenship of his mother. In memoriam of her. No matter what. Maybe this is the ultimate form of selfishness – the joy of doing good… And the blindness – not to see a customer anymore, but a human being… And a little boy, a Bulgarian child…

author: Alexander Dobrinov

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