Bulgarian Citizenship – everything you need to know

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The Citizenship of Bulgaria has become the world’s hot ticket after the country joined the European Union in 2007. The power of the Bulgarian passport has surpassed most passports in the world and its value has skyrocketed. Currently the Bulgarian passport ranks among the top passports in the world and provides not only visa-free travel, but also unlimited residency rights within the EU.

Important news and information for citizens of Hong Kong

Bulgarian passport in Hong Kong

Residents and citizens of Hong Kong (holders of both HKSAR and BN(O) passports) are desperate to get EU citizenship. The rush for alternative citizenship has started after the escalation of the 2019 protests in HK.

Legal news from Bulgaria and from around the world

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The legal framework in Bulgaria is one of the most dynamic in the European Union. VD&A are providing consultancy services to (U)HNWI and large corporate clients who have business interests in Bulgaria and the EU.

Bulgarian corporate news

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