Visa for Bulgaria

Visa for Bulgaria – the dream for many foreigners, has now got much easier to get. With’s assistance, the application process is shorter and the end result – much more likely to be positive.

We offer full assistance to foreigners, who wish to obtain Bulgarian visa. Our team provides legal and consulting support to obtain all types of Bulgarian visas, with special focus on the immigration visa type D. Still, for eligible clients, we also provide turnkey support to obtain short-term visa C and transit visa.

Types of Bulgarian visas

Visa D – the door to legal immigration to Bulgaria

There are three types of Bulgarian visas, as defined in the Foreigners Law. These are namely for:

  1. airport transit (type A);
  2. short-stay (type C);
  3. long-stay (type D).

Our expertise in legal immigration will enable you to get your visa for Bulgaria

When the application is dealt through our lawyers, the authorities are well aware that any rejection will be most likely appealed in court. This makes them think twice before issuing unfounded visa refusals. On top of that, our reputation serves as an “insurance” for the officials for the “credibility” of the visa applicant. This is one of the main reasons why we do not accept everyone as a client for visa assistance. But this is also our strength that works for the benefit of our clients.

Why is your Bulgarian visa application the most important step towards your relocation to the EU

In order to obtain long-term residence permit in Bulgaria, the foreigner needs to first obtain visa D. Even if the applicant holds passport from a country that has visa-free regime with the EU (ie USA, Australia, etc.), visa D needs to be obtained anyways.

In many cases, in order to immigrate to Bulgaria and the EU, the applicant needs to first obtain short-term visa C and after that – visa D. This is the case, for example, when a foreigner intends to marry Bulgarian citizen. In this case, often the best approach is to first obtain visa C. This is required to enable the foreigner to visit Bulgaria and marry his/her Bulgarian spouse. Then a visa D will be required, so the foreigner needs travelling abroad in order to obtain it. Only after visa D is obtained, an application for long-term residence permit can be submitted.

Bulgaria Visa Center -, Sofia, Bulgaria.’s Visa Center at your disposal

Conveniently located in the Belgian embassy’s building in Sofia, we are servicing selected clients to enable them to obtain visa for Bulgaria. Please bear in mind that we are not a tourist visa agency or anything of that sort. We will not process tourist groups or mass applications for visitor’s visa.

We focus on immigration visa type D with emphasis on ultimate legal compliance and unmatched success rate!

We are usually contacted when either the applicant is preparing his visa application or when his application has been rejected. Obviously, the sooner you contact us, the better. But even if your Bulgarian visa is rejected, there is no need to panic. You are usually given a 14-days timeframe to appeal the rejection in court. If you contact us on time, it is very likely that you will still obtain visa for Bulgaria.

What we can do for your Bulgarian visa application

When we accept a client to assist him for his Bulgarian visa, we can assist with the following:

  • Consulting advice on the legal requirements to obtain Bulgarian visa;
  • Assistance with the preparation of the application and the supporting documents;
  • Communication with the administrative authorities (embassies, consulates, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.);
  • Legal inspection of the prepared documents;
  • Assistance to set up an appointment at the Bulgarian diplomatic missions abroad;
  • Support to apply for visa in third country, not the habitual place of residence or center of vital interests of the applicant;
  • Visa verification services;
  • Providing legal representative (lawyer) to accompany the visa applicant at the submission point;
  • Visa follow-up assistance, checking the status of the visa application;
  • Appealing, through licensed immigration lawyer, visa rejection in the Bulgarian court;
  • Re-submission of visa application after rejection or legal appeal.

For further information, we recommend you reading the relevant articles at Адвокати.net’s website. And finally, if you need assistance with your Bulgarian visa, please contact our offices at once.