романтични онлайн измами

Scammers from around the world target Bulgarian men for online romance scams Online romance scams (aka dating scams) have been around since the birth of the internet. The so-called bride scams were targeting mostly senior men from Western countries (USA, Western Europe), dreaming of a second (or even third) youthContinue Reading

Bulgarian passport and the law

The Law on the Bulgarian citizenship – the most important legal act for the non-Bulgarians The laws in Bulgaria are written in Bulgaria. Bulgarian is the only official language and all legal documents in Bulgaria must be presented in Bulgarian only. With the Citizenship Law however, things are somewhat different.Continue Reading

entry ban for overstaying in Bulgaria

Overstaying of your visa or your visa-free term In the good old days, read before Bulgaria joined Schengen, foreigners who were overstaying their visa or visa-free term in Bulgaria, were usually fined with 500 BGN. Many times, especially if the foreigner was not intending to return, these fines were neverContinue Reading

Ukraine will mobilise its men from the EU

The next military aid from the West to Ukraine may be to send Ukrainian men back home There are uncertain times ahead for Ukrainian men, aged 18 to 60, living in the EU. After the war in Ukraine started, the EU has granted a temporary protection status to virtually allContinue Reading

Bulgarian Golden Visa for Chinese citizens

Bulgarian Golden Visa – residence permit and visa-free travel to all Schengen countries To celebrate Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area on 31.03.2024, we are now providing (for limited time): Special conditions for citizens of China & Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. offer valid until Starting fromContinue Reading

Bulgarian dream - passport of Bulgaria

Bulgarian permanent residence permit and citizenship for Russians Imagine the following situation. An applicant for Bulgarian citizenship successfully passes all naturalisation stages. As a result, logically, she is approved and the Citizenship Council sends a proposal to the President to grant her Bulgarian citizenship. And now imagine, three years later,Continue Reading

Bulgaria Air Schengen 2024

HOT NEWS! (UPDATED) You can go straight to our special page, dedicated to the Bulgarian Schengen membership – https://posolstvo.eu/bulgaria-schengen/ What will the air-Schengen mean for our foreign clients with Bulgarian visa / residence permit? An extremely important end-of-year news came from Brussels today. Bulgaria and Romania are becoming part ofContinue Reading