Ministry of Justice Bulgaria
The Ministry of Justice in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria – here is where most of your immigration issues will be handled by our specialists

Your one step immigration service provider

We will assist you and provide advisory support for virtually all of your immigration needs. We will also help you in commercial and tax matters upon your relocation in Bulgaria. Below are outlined some of our services, which we provide on regular basis:

Long and short term Bulgarian visas

We will assist you with all your Bulgarian visa needs. We will ensure to meet all legal requirements so your application will be approved without delays.

Bulgarian residency

In order to obtain legal residency status in Bulgaria, you should fit in one of the below legally defined categories. We will advise you on the most appropriate option for your particular situation. We will assist you to fulfill all legal requirements so you will obtain your residence permit without delays.

Work permit

It is issued by Ministry of Labor and Social Policy to foreigners who intend to work in Bulgaria. The main difficulty is to prove that the qualifications of the foreign employee are unique. The position to be taken by him, should not be possible to be taken by Bulgarian citizen under normal circumstances.

Business status

Business status is granted to foreigners who intend on performing trade activities in Bulgaria, thereby employing at least 10 Bulgarian citizens. This is a rather costly option. We recommend it mainly to entrepreneurs with business ideas in mind. They should be willing to expand their presence or start new enterprise in Bulgaria.

Foreign specialist status

Foreigners who work on contracts with the Bulgarian state will be able to obtain such status. This option is quite rare. The foreigner has to be employed by a company who is in direct contractual relation with the Bulgarian state. In some cases, the Bulgarian state itself may hire the foreign employee, which is even rarer.

Foreign representative office status

Granted to foreigners who represent foreign commercial entities. It is necessary to register these entities with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Many investor are using this option to obtain residence permit.

Parental status

Granted to foreigners who are financially independent, and are parents of Bulgarian citizens. Also applies to foreigners, parents of other foreigners with permanent residence status in Bulgaria.

Medical status

Granted to foreigners who are staying for lengthy medical treatment in medical institution in Bulgaria. The applicants must be financially independent. This is the most unfortunate reason for immigration, but we have to cope with even the hardest situations in life.

Journalist status

Accredited in Bulgaria journalists can get journalist status and obtain residence permit accordingly.

Pensioner status

Granted to foreigners who have received Bulgarian pension or pension of their country of origin. They must also be financially independent.

Family status

Granted to foreigners who are members of the family of another foreigner with long term or permanent residency status. This is very widespread situation and we are more than happy to assist in these cases.

Freelance status

Granted to foreigners who are willing to perform freelance work in Bulgaria. This is possible only after receiving permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The permit will be granted after complying with a range of special conditions.

Non government organization status

Granted to foreigners who wish to perform non profit (NGO, foundation) activities. This status is granted after specific permission by the Ministry of Justice, subject to different conditions being met. This option is picking up, especially after the latest amendments in the immigration legislation.

Refugee and victim of human traffic status

Granted to foreigners who have received the relevant status.

Bulgarian family status

Granted to foreigners who are members of the family of Bulgarian citizen.

Real estate investor status

Granted to foreigners who have invested an amount of at least 600000 Bulgarian Lev (306776 EUR) in real estate properties. This option is appropriate to foreigners who anyhow intend to invest in real estate in Bulgaria.

Other investor status

Granted to foreigners who have invested an amount of at least 250000 Bulgarian Lev (127823 EUR). The particular investment must be done in pre-approved equity of economically not favorable areas. There are also additional conditions. Please contact us for details.

Bulgarian citizenship

We will advise you on the preparation of your citizenship application. We will make sure to fulfill all legal aspects of your case. Most importantly, we will make sure that you get your Bulgarian passport in due time.

If you don’t meet the conditions for immediate citizenship (i.e. residency term), we will arrange your legal residence permit first. We will prepare you for your citizenship language exam. We will explain you the exact nature of the final procedure before you become EU citizen.

Support and legal advice in cases where visa, residence permit or citizenship applications have been refused

There are unfortunately many cases when the client comes to us too late. Many customers have first their immigration applications refused, before to seek professional assistance. Our experience shows that most of the time, this happens due to poor legal advice or plain negligence. In most cases, we are able to help. The sooner you contact us however, the better. There are cases unfortunately, where nothing can be done. Please get in touch with us and tell us your story so we can see what we can do.

Bulgarian company registration and acquisition

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Euroformat.eu – the leader in Company formation and corporate services in Bulgaria

Under the Bulgarian Corporate Law, foreigners can register a Limited Liability Partnership (Company) LLP / LLC company in Bulgaria. In many cases we are able to do the registration by means of POA. Please contact us for details.

The shareholders of Bulgarian LLP / LLC are not responsible to the creditors of the company . Liability does not extend to the shareholders assets, thereby protecting the shareholder’s interests. We strongly recommend this type of entity to our foreign customers. It not only allows them to make legally profit in Bulgaria, but is also a very useful vehicle for business immigration options. We will prepare your company’s documents on turnkey basis and you will become legal owner and manager of it. When the customer requires ready made (previously registered) company, we will act as your adviser in order to perform the due diligence procedures and the acquisition act itself. Please visit the dedicated website for company formation and administration services.