Professional and timely support for your immigration problems

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Immigration assistance is vital, especially in cases of emergency. Not complying with the immigration laws can have devastating consequences for the foreigner. Therefore, we are ready to react 24/7 if the need arises!

Visa and residency permits

Visa issues and residency permits are among the most urgent cases. Failing to prolong them in a timely manner can result in a ban to enter Bulgaria and the other EU member state for lengthy periods.

When you should call us without delay

Urgent assistance is required in the following (most frequent) cases:

  • Extradition from Bulgaria;
  • Problems with the prolongation of your visa, visa-free allowed stay or residency permit, while in Bulgaria;
  • Risk of overstay after your visa or visa-free term expire;
  • If you are not allowed to enter Bulgaria at the border (ie at the airport);
  • Fulfilling requests from the immigration authorities;
  • Responding to inspections from the immigration authorities;
  • Any issues with the law enforcement authorities (ie police).

If you are uncertain of your immigration status or are having any of the issues above, we urge you to contact us immediately.