Everything you need to know about the Bulgarian visa D (and how we can help you)

The Bulgarian visa D is the entry door for legal immigration to Bulgaria. But in order to obtain the visa, one needs to go through many steps and fulfill different conditions.

The percentage of rejected applications for visa D is increasing each year. This is mainly because Bulgaria is becoming more and more attractive as destination for immigration.

For the application to be successful, one needs not only legal grounds1 to obtain the visa, but also solid professional support.

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1 There are many legal grounds upon which one can apply for Bulgarian visa D. The most widely utilized are marriage with Bulgarian citizen, working in the country, creation of TRO (Trade Representative Office), forming an NGO (Non Governmental Organization), retiring in Bulgaria, studying, etc.

Bulgaria visa D
Before proceeding, please read Foreigners in Bulgaria – visa D for long-term residence. In the article you will find basically everything that you need to know about the particularities of the Bulgarian visa D.

Visa D – why is it required?

To put it simply, visa D is always required in order to be able to apply for residence permit. There are some exceptions to this rule, but they are very rare.

The Bulgarian foreigners law stipulates that:

Long-term residence visa (AKA visa D), valid for up to 6 months and with a right of residence of up to 180 days, may be issued to a foreigner who wishes to obtain a long-term, prolonged-term or permanent residence permit in Bulgaria on one of the grounds specified in this law.

Art. 15 of the Foreigners Law

Visa D is required even if the foreigner doesn’t need entry visa for Bulgaria. This is the case for citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

The very purpose of the immigration visa D is not only to enable the foreigner to arrive in Bulgaria. The purpose is to filter the prospective applicants and to shield the country from foreigners that may pose danger to the country’s national security. This is achieved through the following two requirements:

  1. Visa D has to be obtained abroad, from Bulgarian embassy or consulate and;
  2. In order to be approved for visa D, the applicant needs to successfully pass the screening by the National Security Agency.

Through the visa D requirement, the Bulgarian state can ensure that no “suspicious” foreigners will be allowed to enter the country.

Where is visa D issued?

By default, visa D needs to be obtained from Bulgarian embassy or consulate in the “home country” of the applicant. By home country, it is to be understood the country of which the candidate is citizen of. In case that the applicant is permanently living in another country, then he may (not always though) apply in the Bulgarian embassy/consulate there.

Visa D can NOT be issued in Bulgaria!

In case that there is no Bulgarian embassy or consulate in the home country of the candidate, the application must be done in the embassy/consulate that is officially authorized to service that country.

Applying for visa D in a “third” country

In exceptional cases, visa D can be applied for in a country that is different to the applicant’s home country. This may be very convenient for candidates who are already in Bulgaria and don’t fancy returning home, often oceans away (ie Australia). They can eventually apply in neighboring country, such as Serbia or Greece. It is important to understand that this is only in exceptional cases and after explicit permission from the Bulgarian authorities.

What if visa D is rejected?

Unfortunately, this is a very likely outcome. In case the immigration visa is rejected, things become really serious. We advise our clients to immediately appeal the rejection in court. Accepting the rejection and applying again later is the worst strategy. Once the visa rejection is enforced, getting a new one (even tourist visa) will become extremely difficult.

If your immigration visa D is rejected (and you believe it shouldn’t have been), appeal in court immediately!


How can we help you with your visa D

Applying for visa D

If you are planning to apply for visa D, you should consider using professional legal support. Doing it on your own is not only extremely difficult, but it dramatically minimizes your chances for successful outcome.

Appealing rejection of visa D

If your visa D is rejected, lose no hope. With our support, the chances are high that through the Bulgarian courts, the rejection will be overruled. Then you can obtain immigration visa and relocate legally to Bulgaria.

If you need assistance, please contact our offices asap. You should also consider the promotional offer at the beginning of this page.