Why Posolstvo.eu?

In Bulgarian, Posolstvo (Посолство) means Embassy. The similar word is also used in Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia. The embassy is the institution that has the main task of assisting foreigners abroad and the foreign relations in general.

The mission of Posolstvo.eu

Our company has the difficult mission to assist citizens from around the world to relocate to Bulgaria and the EU. We also assist Bulgarian citizens with their needs abroad, eg when relocating to the USA. Our vision is that of a world, free of borders and administrative formalities. For as far as our vision has not been materialized yet, we are here to help people find better place to live and work. And so far, EU and Bulgaria in particular, is the place of choice for billions of non-EU nationals.

the word “Embassy” in different languages

The word Posolstvo is believed to originate from the old Slavonic word Посълати (Poslati), which means to send. The Ambassador (Posol) is sent by his country to another country to take care of the diplomatic relations between the two states. Others believe that the word Posolstvo originates from the word Sol (in English: salt). Hence the Ambassador and the Embassy have the task to bring some salt (very valuable in the past) to the host country.

Posolstvo.eu and the Bulgarian embassy in your country

We, at Posolstvo.eu are working closely with all Bulgarian embassies and consulates around the world. We assist our clients to prepare the required documents and to fulfill all legal conditions. This ensures not only speedy processing of their applications, but also much higher success rate.

The immigration formalities for one to visit or relocate to the EU are becoming more cumbersome every day. And in many cases, without our professional assistance, it is virtually impossible for the foreigner to comply with the rules. We ensure the perfect interaction between the client and the Bulgarian embassy in the country where he applies for tourist visa, visa D or Bulgarian citizenship.

We believe to have helped hundreds of individuals change their life for good. And we are thankful that we have been given the opportunity to do so.