working in EU
Working in the EU is rewarding, but requires a work permit to be arranged in advance.

The rewards for working in the EU

Working in the European Union is a challenge, but a very rewarding one. Finding a good job is difficult everywhere, however the opportunities in all of the 28 EU member states are endless. From the frozen valleys of Sweden to the green vineyard fields of Italy. From the windy shores of Ireland to the vibrant cities of Bulgaria – the EU has it all. No matter what your area of expertise is, the European Union can offer you everything.

Higher wages

The most important factor however is that people in EU earn significantly more than almost everywhere else in the world. This logically is the main reason why there are so many candidates willing to work in Europe. So many people trying their best to immigrate and start a new life in the EU. And of course, trying to find a new job and obtain work permit.

The administrative difficulties ahead

Unfortunately, as we already stated, for a non-EU citizen, working in the EU is a challenge – mainly a bureaucratic one. As a general rule, it is illegal to work without a work permit. As our experience show, obtaining one on your own is virtually impossible. Counting on your employer for assistance is a very fragile hope. Most of the employers will prefer to hire someone who doesn’t need work permit. Hiring someone, to only start the struggle to arrange the paperwork, is not to everyone’s taste.

Our consultancy, legal and administrative assistance

So how can we help? You are probably asking yourself the logical question: “How can I get Bulgarian work permit? How can I legally work in Bulgaria and in the EU as a whole?”

There are mainly 3 instances when we are commissioned to help:

Your Bulgarian employer will be taking care for your work permit

This is the case when your employer has already hired you and has agreed to take care for your work permit. Lucky you, we will say.

Then the employer is contacting us with request for assistance. In this case, we provide professional advisory directly to the employer and are arranging the work permit for you. This is most often the case when highly qualified specialists are being hired. In such cases, the employer wants them to start working asap and not to be bothered by any bureaucratic formalities.

You have to take care for your work permit

This is often the case when a you have already found your dream job. But you are left alone to take care and to arrange all formalities. In this case, we will be assisting you directly to arrange your work permit. This is probably the most widespread scenario. Your employer is OK to hire you, but you must arrange your paperwork (with his support of course). If you fail with the work permit, you are out of the game. Your employer is then calling the next candidate for your position.

The head-hunting

And lastly, there are instances, when we are contacted by employers who are looking for employees with some specific qualifications. Please note however, that we are not an employment agency (or HR). We will not act as an employment agent under any circumstances. Instead, we are strictly advising Bulgarian employers interested in hiring foreign nationals. We also provide consultancy services to foreign job seekers with the clarification of the Bulgarian Employment law and procedures.

How to get Bulgarian work permit?

So how can you get Bulgarian work permit? Non-EU citizens can work in Bulgaria only if they poses work permit from the National Employment Agency. The permit must be requested by the employer, who in turn is authorizing our company to act on his behalf. The applications must be submitted to the local branch of the Employment Agency of the foreigner’s work place in Bulgaria.

Please note that there are some exceptions to the above rule. There are cases when a foreigner can work in Bulgaria, without work permit, i.e. when married to Bulgarian citizen.

Specific skills – an important factor

As a general rule, foreigners can obtain work permit when they can demonstrate specific skills or specialized knowledge. By law, such employees should not be available among the Bulgarian citizens. This is of course quite subjective. There are of course, many legal options available in order to make the application for work permit in Bulgaria a pleasant experience.

The EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a work and residence permit that is foreseen for certain non-EU citizens to get access to the Bulgarian and the EU labor market. Please read the ultimate guide to the EU Blue Card in Bulgaria.

The validity of the work permit

The work permit will be only valid for certain period of time. Usually, it expires after one year, at the most. We can extend the work permit validity in most cases. Under specific conditions, the work permit can be renewed at once for another three years, for executive personnel and managerial positions.

Foreigners with permanent residence status in Bulgaria or those who have been granted asylum or other humanitarian status, do not require work permit.

Work permit – legal ground to obtain residence permit in Bulgaria

In our services section, you will find that work permit is legal ground for obtaining long term type D visa for Bulgaria. So in many cases, this is your first call of action.

The EU adopts directives which its member countries incorporate in national law and implement. This means that it is national authorities – labor inspectorates and courts, for example – that enforce the rules. Whenever a dispute before a national court raises a question of how to interpret an EU directive, the court can refer the issue to the Court of Justice of the EU. The European Court then gives the national court the answers it needs to resolve the dispute.

EU labour law also benefits employers and society as a whole by:

  • providing a clear framework of rights and obligations in the workplace;
  • protecting the health of the workforce;
  • promoting sustainable economic growth.

Our support to help you get Bulgarian work permit

Our specialists will assist and advise you so you can receive the relevant work permit, based on your residence status or application. We will liaise with your perspective employer, if required to coordinate the whole process. If you are self-employed, we will register your company or arrange your status and consequentially your work permit.

Should you need assistance in order to obtain Bulgarian work permit, please contact us a.s.a.p.