The next military aid from the West to Ukraine may be to send Ukrainian men back home

There are uncertain times ahead for Ukrainian men, aged 18 to 60, living in the EU. After the war in Ukraine started, the EU has granted a temporary protection status to virtually all Ukrainians, who arrived in the EU. But now the Ukrainian government seems to be determined to get its men back from the EU and to send them to the front-line.

Did you really believe Macron will send Frenchmen to fight the Russians in Ukraine, while Ukrainian men live peacefully in France (and the EU)?

Can you imagine French soldiers (or any EU/Nato Soldiers) being sent to Ukraine, while there are still Ukrainian men living in the EU under temporary protection status? Do you believe the EU citizens will accept that their men are dying in Ukraine, while Ukrainian men live peacefully in EU cities? This will never happen. Ukrainian men will be sent back home. Only then, the idea of deploying Nato troops can be eventually considered seriously.

Western support to Ukraine has been in the billions. All EU countries have been “urged” to give whatever they can to support the fight of Ukraine against the Russian invasion. The US has been also printing enough money to help Ukraine fight Putin.

You can print money, but you can’t print soldiers (yet)

Many analysts are now believing that the latest batch of Western money to Ukraine has been approved under the condition that Ukraine will take measures to return its men from the EU. And logically, Ukraine has taken the initial measures by stopping consular services to its citizens abroad. But this is only the first of many more steps, that we believe will soon follow.


French President Emmanuel Macron said he would consider sending troops to Ukraine in the case of a Russian breakthrough at the front or if Ukraine requested it, in an interview with the Economist published on May 2. source

Ukrainian men will be forced to return to Ukraine and go fight the Russians

Temporary protection status is a joke. It can be withdrawn by the EU in an instant. Ukrainian men, many of them with their families, children, will wake up one day in Bulgaria or in any other EU country, to realise they are now illegal aliens. Because their fatherland needs them. And because no EU soldier may be sent to help Ukraine before all Ukrainian men find their destiny on the Eastern front. Only Ukrainian women will be eventual left in the EU. To give its share of beauty to the ageing European population.

The sad truth

The sad truth is that neither EU nor Nato will send its soldiers to fight Russia. They all know very well this will be the end of our World. But Ukrainian men, those living peacefully in Europe now, won’t upset the Russians enough to make them push the nuclear button.

And we believe they, Ukrainian men, will be sacrificed.

They will wake up one day in Sofia, Berlin, Brussels. They will switch on the TV and will hear that their temporary protection has been suspended. The next thing is the knock on the door by the police. The escort to the airport. Then comes Ukraine, the front, the trenches, the eternity… And there will be only Ukrainian women crying, holding on to their temporary protection cards… and their children.

Time to think of a back-up plan and changing your temporary protection status

Temporary protection in Bulgaria is a handy little document that provides a bunch of rights. Living and working in Bulgaria are just a few to name. But temporary protection is fragile and uncertain. It can be cancelled at any time. A decision by the Ukrainian authorities to invalidate Ukrainian passport will make temporary protection futile. But worst of all, the holder of a temporary protection can’t renounce it. At least not easily. The temporary protection is like a curse for the Ukrainians who want to get EU Blue Card or other, more sustainable residence status.

We believe that all Ukrainians living in Bulgaria should take immediate measures to safeguard their future. And their only feasible route to safety is to change their temporary protection status. To change it to something much more sustainable – a real residence permit status.

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