The devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Turkey flag

There is nothing more horrible than the lost of human life. And in Turkey/Syria it happened in an instant. Mother nature at its worst – a devastating earthquake that took the life of about 25000 people. And hundreds of thousands left in despair. No human being on earth is left untouched by this tragedy.

Turkey in Bulgaria will always be together, in good and in bad times

Neighboring countries and people, komşu, always have certain issues, fights and dislikes. But at the end of the day, Turks and Bulgarians will always be brothers, no matter what. We Bulgarians will always love the people in Turkey. Because we come from the same branch, we are the same people. We may have different religion, different language, different politics. But we have the same hearts, the same souls! We are the same people!

Bulgarian rescuers saving lives in Turkey

Bulgarian teams are helping their colleagues in Turkey to save people on site. Human life is precious and Bulgaria mourns together with the people of Turkey and Syria… and the whole world.

Whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.the Quran

Free legal services for the victims from Turkey and Syria

We at are also trying to help the victims of the earthquake. We are not good in saving people from the ruins. But we know how the laws work in Bulgaria. And we are therefore offering completely free legal immigration services to the people from the affected regions in Turkey and Syria. Please contact us if you need urgent assistance.

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