When the happiness of our customers fills our eyes with tears – nothing else matters anymore

Tomsk, street Belinsky
Catherine Georgieva from Posolstvo.eu
Ms Catherine Georgieva


I've quit my father's home
And left blue Russ. With three
Bright stars the birch-tree grove
Consoles my mother's grief.

The moon has, like a frog,
Upon the pond appeared.
Like apple blossom, locks
Of grey fleck father's beard.

I shall not soon come back!
Long shall snow blow in the yard.
Our one-legged maple shall
Over blue Russ stand guard.

To kiss its raining leaves
Is joy, and none so fine —
The head of the maple-tree
So closely resembles mine.

Sergey Esenin, translated by Peter Tempest

We publish the e-mail of our clients, with their consent, translated from Bulgarian

Dear Mr Dobrinov,

Nearly six months ago, we met with you in your office, hoping to find professionals who could help me and my wife in a difficult challenge we were faced with. It troubled us, that for 14 years, a large family was living separated by state borders, and my wife and I had to travel thousands of miles, to see our beloved ones and to be able to help them.

First of all, we would like to express our deep gratitude to you for the understanding you have shown and the gesture you have made to my wife’s brother, who is with impaired motor functions.

In addition, we thank you for entrusting our case to Mrs. Catherine Georgieva, who turned out to be not only a unique professional, but also a wonderful Person. Nowadays, the combination of these qualities is very rare. We are happy that it was Catherine who was our “ambassador” and guide to the “letter of the Law”.

Thanks to Catherine, all the steps and stages passed without any difficulties or unnecessary worries. The submission of the file with the visa documents to our consulate in Ekaterinburg was brilliant and it is clear that even the vice-consuls themselves gladly reviewed and accepted the prepared documents, without any additional questions. All this became possible thanks to Catherine, her professionalism and individual approach.

We express our great gratitude to you, the team and especially Catherine!

Nedyalko Deliyski – n.deliyski@yahoo.com

the family of Nedyalko Deliyski
Deliyski family, together again – after the parents and the brother of Nedyalko’s wife have obtained visa D

We want to express our gratitude to Olesya and Nedyalko Deliyski and wish their family health and happiness!

by Alexander Dobrinov


  1. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the professionals in this law firm and say a massive “Thank you” to Alexander and Catherine for being so humane and empathic to us and our case.
    We are a big family, which has been separated by administrative borders (countries) for 15 years. Being on a lookout for an opportunity to change that unbearable reality, we found this firm on Google. Our main aim was to issue visas type D for three family members, two retired parents and a disabled brother. To tell the truth, back then it looked like mission impossible for us.
    After the very first moment we contacted the law firm (our first meeting was with Alexander), we were absolutely aware that that was going to be the place and the people we could trust our case to. Throughout the whole time working together everything was very smooth and clear without any doubts on our behalf. All the time we had the feeling that Catherine was tightly holding our hand and confidently leading us through all the steps of the process.
    Overall, we truly enjoyed our collaboration and the fact that we have been treated with a lot of understanding and professionalism. In one word, the attitude of our lawyers was simply remarkable.
    We are delighted to share that last week our family successfully applied for their Bulgarian ID cards and in one month our story will be fully and successfully complete.
    If you find yourselves in a situation similar to ours and have serious concerns whom to rely on, we would like to assure you that having trusted your case to Alexander and Catherine is the best decision to make.
    Thank you, dear Alexander and Catherine!

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