Bulgarian embassy in USA

Should the Bulgarian embassies reject to accept visa D application if they deem the presented documents not to be in order? Imagine the following situation. Our client, an applicant for Bulgarian visa D, based on Bulgarian origin, is attempting to submit his documents at the Bulgarian embassy in the USA.Continue Reading

Филипините, Манила

What happens with the Bulgarian residence permit upon dismissal of the foreigner? More and more non-EU citizens are working in Bulgaria nowadays. But what happens if the Bulgarian employer terminates the labor contract of the foreigner. Or if the foreigner terminates the employment contract himself? To answer this question, weContinue Reading

Виолета Добринова - предварително разрешение за виза Д

Why are Bulgarian consulates and embassies requiring prior permission from the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Quite often, foreigners who are already in Bulgaria, are willing to obtain a long-term residence permit. But they are facing a serious hurdle. In order to obtain a residence permit, they must firstContinue Reading

дворец в Киев, Украйна

Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – what have you been doing? The Bulgarian authorities have repeatedly expressed their support for Ukraine and our desire to help the Ukrainian people, who are affected by the war. However, the case we are going to tell you about shows the exact opposite. InContinue Reading

EU visa-free countries changes in 2023

EU may re-introduce visa-regime with certain countries? The EU will most likely re-introduce visa regime with certain countries in the near future. More specifically, the countries in the Western Balkans, which allowed citizens of countries with visa regime with the EU to enter and then try to pass the EUContinue Reading

family members of Bulgarian citizen

Who is considered to be a family member of Bulgarian citizen according to the Bulgarian Foreigners Law? Those who are considered to be members of the family of Bulgarian citizen are defined in the Foreigners’ Law. We will today focus only on the spouse and the children and will explainContinue Reading

Bulgarian visa D Lawyer

Obtaining Bulgarian visa D with a lawyer’s help – necessity or waste of money? Our clients are always supported by professional immigration lawyers through the process of the application for visa D. Let’s see however how important is the lawyer’s support and whether one can get along without it… TheContinue Reading

London underground

UK citizens with “Art. 50 residence permit” in Bulgaria At the time when Brexit happened, many Brits were living long-term in Bulgaria. Luckily for them, they got the opportunity to obtain long-term residence permit under the Law on the entry, residence and departure of citizens of the European Union andContinue Reading