Bulgarian citizenship – one of the most difficult to get in 2023, yet one of the most desired in the world

After the demise of all EU investment citizenship programs, the Golden Visas were slaughtered too. We can safely say now that:

Investors can not get neither fast-track citizenship, nor investment residence in the EU! The good old days are over. But there are still some opportunities in… Bulgaria.

The new World order is knocking on the door

Let’s face it, mainly because of the standoff between Russia and the West, the World will never be the same again. And unfortunately, easy travel is becoming obsolete. The results of the BIG STANDOFF are already visible. Latvia is considering to cancel the residence permits of Russian speaking residents if they fail on Latvian language test (the Saeima has to yet vote on the legislative amendments). And Latvia is just the tip of the iceberg.

The new Iron Curtain and the Weak Passports

The new iron curtain is slowly but surely closing all loopholes for the freedom seekers. Second citizenship is now a must for the unfortunate ones, born in countries with “weak passports”. By weak passport it is usually understood passports that do not allow visa-free travel to many countries.

With more and more travel restrictions down the road, people from these countries will need to fight the red tape and spend time and money to ensure they get the required visa. But this task, at one point, will become virtually impossible.

Second citizenship – freedom beyond borders

In the times of hard travel and political censorship, freedom is priceless. And nothing is more important for freedom than the possibility to travel. Having a second high quality passport is the only solution.

The weak passports

Such (weak) passports are for instance those issued by the following countries:

  • Russia;
  • Belorussia;
  • China;
  • India;
  • Pakistan;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Vietnam;
  • Cuba;
  • Turkey;
  • Many of the countries of the ex-USSR;
  • Virtually all African countries, etc.

Bulgarian citizenship – one of the most valuable Bulgarian “commodities”

In today’s world, when money printing is breaking all records, freedom remains the last “asset” that can’t be printed. Or can it? Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship is indeed difficult, but surely not impossible.

Posolstvo.eu is the best provider in Bulgaria for consulting services to foreigners, willing to obtain Bulgarian citizenship! No other company, to our knowledge, has ever published as many articles and has made as many legal analyses of the citizenship legislation in Bulgaria.

The authorities in Bulgaria realize very well that the citizenship is an ultimate asset for many foreigners. The advantages that it delivers are countless, especially in the framework of the Bulgarian membership in the EU. And all this makes the procedure quite cumbersome. But it definitely is worth the effort!

How to obtain Bulgarian citizenship in 2023

He that can have patience can have what he will.Benjamin Franklin

Getting Bulgarian passport and citizenship is harder than ever before. But it is still possible. And for some lucky investors who have bought Bulgarian state bonds, the time has come. They can now (or soon) apply for Bulgarian citizenship by investment under the special provisions of 2021.

Other lucky foreigners can already qualify for Bulgarian citizenship by origin under the legal amendments of 2021.

Whatever your case may be, if you really want the best of the best – Bulgarian passport, please contact us for consultation. We believe that we can assist even in the most complicated cases and help you obtain the ultimate freedom tool – Bulgarian passport.

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