A citizen of the European Union equals to a citizen of the world. People usually think, that the citizenship you are born with is the one you are stuck with. Imagine receiving citizenship, because of something you are good at and love doing. Is there a way to receive citizenship on merit?

Requirements for Bulgarian citizenship

There are numerous ways and grounds to acquire Bulgarian citizenship. All are present in the Law for the Bulgarian citizenship. A non-Bulgarian citizen can become one, if by the date of filing the application for naturalization:

  • possesses income or occupation which enables his support in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • speaks Bulgarian, which shall be ascertained according to an Ordinance by the Minister of Education, Youth and Science
  • is released from his present citizenship or will be released from it

The more, the MERITer

In case these requirements do not apply for you, this does not mean you have to give up. For example, you may qualify for Bulgarian citizenship on merit on the following grounds :

Contribution to the cause

The procedure begins with a formal letter to the competent Minister of the field, where your activity belongs and you have special contributions. This could be about investments, culture, art, sports or special achievements, such as acts of bravery. The person who will acquire Bulgarian citizenship must have given preliminary consent for it.

How much is enough

However, it may sound simple, but the proposal for acquisition has to pass a serious threshold to get noticed. You need to prove, that your contribution or activity:

  • may benefit Bulgaria
  • is important to a certain field
  • may make Bulgaria famous for it

Afterwards, there are two scenarios, your case may follow:

  1. Despite your hard work to shine bright, the Minister replies that this cannot be ground for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship.
  2. The Minister of the certain sphere likes your proposal and sends a request to the Minister of Justice. In this case, he can request from the President to issue a decree for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship.

Receive our guidance

No matter which scenario you follow or what sphere you belong to, this is a hard task. Our skilled team is able to provide guidance and help you throughout the entire procedure. In case you currently are or you are willing to be in a similar situation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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