Bulgaria retains its investment citizenship program and makes it even more attractive for many international investors

During the last couple of years, there were many who were thinking that Bulgaria will bend knee and will cancel its investment citizenship program. And indeed, Cyprus did just that at the end of 2020 after a serious corruption scandal shattered the political establishment on the island. Malta was also kindly reminded by the European Commission that “citizenship is not for sale“, so the Maltese CIP is now as good as non existent.

Bulgaria – the only sustainable EU true citizenship by investment program

Bulgaria however, being much larger country than Malta and Cyprus and with far less denser population had different plans for its CIP. Now, after the new law passed through the Parliament, the Bulgarian Golden Passport shines brighter than ever before.

The other reason why Bulgaria could retain its investment citizenship program is, because the country was marketing its program not as aggressively as Cyprus and Malta. As result, the country has issued less passports during the last years with fewer cases of citizenship being granted to people with shady backgrounds. With all that in mind, it is no surprise that Bulgaria could defend its program with the EU authorities. As result, the Bulgarian “Golden Passport” now becomes the only legitimate and sustainable option in the European Union.

For more information about the new Bulgarian citizenship law

The latest amendments and the new investment conditions will be published at https://bglaw.eu/bulgarian-citizenship-investment/ and http://www.bulgarian-citizenship.org/citizenship-by-investment . Be sure to check the websites regularly for the official updates.

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