Vital assistance to those who failed to obtain EU investment citizenship

Many affluent non-EU nationals have tried to obtain EU citizenship by investment in the past years. Unfortunately, many of them have failed. Especially Russian citizens were hit hard, but they are definitely not alone.

Cyprus citizenship game over
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Cyprus failed

The Cypriot CBI program was cancelled in November 2020. Many Cypriot citizenship candidates were left in the cold. Not only they didn’t obtain Cypriot citizenship, but they will also lose their permanent residence status. Finding urgent backup plan for these people is of utmost importance. This is so if they want to secure the right to live in the EU.

citizenship scandal Malta
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Malta is not working and is being sued by the EU

The Maltese program is virtually put to a hold. Not only Malta has officially declared that it doesn’t process citizenship applications from Russian citizens, but the European Commission has filed a lawsuit against Malta in the top EU Court for the Maltese CIP.

загубване на българско гражданство

Bulgarian investment citizenship made much more difficult, but still possible

Bulgaria made two major legal amendments in 2021 and 2022. The latest amendment transformed the program from Citizenship by investment to virtually a Golden visa program, bearing in mind the almost certain Schengen membership of Bulgaria by end of 2022.

Our clients, who were caught in the middle of nowhere with their Bulgarian investment citizenship applications, are being serviced to the highest standards in order to obtain swift resolution. The latest event was held at the Cannes, France.

Our solution to stay permanently in the EU and obtain EU passport

Bearing in mind the latest changes in the EU legislation and the cancelation of many EU’s Golden Passports programs, we are in position to offer our clients:

Solution to obtain EU sustainable permanent residence permit and the shortest path to getting EU passport!

Please contact our offices to find out how you can catch the last train and get yourself the right to live in the EU and travel the world visa-free, with an EU passport.

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