The Parliament in Bulgaria voted on first reading, at the very end of 2022, some important legislative amendments. The amendments are concerning the conditions for the issuance of EU Blue Card. If passed on second reading, the amendments are expected to significantly facilitate the process of obtaining the Card.

How difficult is to obtain EU Blue Card in Bulgaria

The main change in the new bill is the introduction of the so called “recognized employer”. The “recognized employers” will enjoy certain legal privileges, but will need to undergo specific registration procedures. We are somewhat skeptical about the moral behind this specific amendment though. We believe that it may open the door to the middlemen, who will only increase the overall cost of the procedure. These middlemen companies may get the legal status of “recognized employer”, arrange EU Blue Cards for non-EU employees and then “rent” the personnel to other companies. This will only increase the cost for the Bulgarian business, which is definitely not the purpose of the bill.

We will need to wait to see the final version of the bill

Whatever happens, the amendments should make the procedures easier. The authorities in Bulgaria have already realized that the Bulgarian business needs foreign employees and needs to have the opportunity to hire them easier than it can now. We will hope for the best and will keep you informed about the changes of the law.

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