Israelis need our support – free assistance for Bulgarian citizenship by origin applications and visa D by origin

The situation in Israel is horrible at the moment. Today, a second group of Bulgarian citizens was evacuated with the government aircraft. So far so good for the Bulgarians, as there are no casualties reported to us.

But besides the Bulgarian citizens, there are plenty of Israeli citizens of Bulgarian origin in Israel. From today October 9th until this Friday, we are launching a special campaign, aimed at Israeli citizens of Bulgarian origin. Under the campaign, we will provide completely free services to citizens of Israel, who wish to obtain visa D or Bulgarian citizenship by origin.

For applications made in the period 9-13th of October 2023, we will provide full assistance to Israeli citizens, wishing to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by origin or visa-D, based on Bulgarian origin.

Conditions of the offer

Please observe the conditions, applying to the offer:

  • Application must be approved between 09.10.2023 and 13.10.2023;
  • The free support will last for a maximum of 24 months (which is almost certainly sufficient for the citizenship by origin application to be approved);
  • Applicant must be citizens of Israel and should not have any other citizenship;
  • Applicants must be permanently residing in Israel at the moment of the application;
  • The free offer is subject to approval and is not available to applicants who can not provide clean criminal record.

Please also be aware that due to extremely high demand, some delays in processing may occur. We urge you to submit your application details asap to avoid missing the deadline.

Update 09.10.2023, 19:20h

We will be not able to provide free service under the promotional terms to applicants, who have been rejected for citizenship or visa D by origin in the past. These cases are in general much more complicated (that’s why they have been rejected) and we can not allocate additional resources in the current situation. The aim of our initiative is to assist as many Israeli citizens as possible, in the current distressed situation in the country.

We will not provide free service to candidates who have voluntarily renounced their Bulgarian citizenship in the past, unless they have been minors at the time.

How to apply

In order to apply, please contact us and mention the promotional code: “Israel2023” (without the quotes). We will reply to you, as soon as we can, and will inform you which documents we require from you, based on your particular situation.


  1. Hi, my name is Tal.
    My grandmother born in Sofia.
    I need your assistance for having a Bulgarian passport.
    Please contact with me
    I need you as soon as possible

    1. Author

      We can definitely assist you with that. Could you please contact any of our offices to provide more details about your Bulgarian origin.

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