In order to provide the highest quality of immigration assistance, we have certain (high) costs that we need to meet. Our lawyers are carefully selected and are paid adequately. We have to maintain offices in prime locations in order to meet the expectations of the majority of our clients. And these costs are definitely on the rise since covid pushed inflation to all time highs.

Free assistance to people from disadvantaged groups

Although we obviously can’t work for free, from time to time, we may offer completely free services to people in distressed situation. Sometimes we are approached by customers in difficult situation who don’t have the resources to pay for our services. In such cases, we may decide to provide social assistance – free of charge.

If you believe that you are in difficult situation and can’t afford paying for our services, please contact us with a short explanation of your situation. After we consider your request, we will contact you with our decision whether we can provide you with free assistance.

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