People call and email us every day with the same, seemingly eternal question:

I am living in Bulgaria for so many years and now I want to apply for Bulgarian citizenship. How can I do that? What are the required documents?

And we always have hard time explaining that it is not all that simple. We have to explain that the procedure of naturalization is very complicated and can not be explained in a single email. Not everyone can comprehend that, unfortunately…

No luck for those who haven’t obtained their PR more than 5 years ago

From what we have seen during the years, about 40% of those who believe that they are eligible to apply for citizenship, simply do not have the legal right to do so. The most frequent problem is that they aren’t holding permanent residency status for 5 years or more.

Bulgarian language test – a hard nut before citizenship is granted

The other 30% have zero chance of passing the Bulgarian language test! And we have to say, the test is difficult, really difficult. People from North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and Russia are logically somewhat privileged. But even for them, the Bulgarian language test is often the first blow into their dream of becoming Bulgarian citizens.

If you are having problems with the Bulgarian language test, we recommend you to contact us asap for professional assistance.

Even for the rest – not that easy of a task

That leaves only 30% who have realistic chance to obtain successfully Bulgarian citizenship. Unfortunately however, many of them tend to think that this is as easy as filing in an application. And this leads to delays…. huge delays in terms of years, many years.

Our recommendation

If you believe that you are eligible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization, we urge you to read the relevant information on our website first. You may also read the information on the specialized website on Bulgarian citizenship.

Legal consultation

If you believe that you can do it all by yourself, we recommend you calling us in order to book suitable for you time for a legal consultation. If you believe you have some legal background and general understanding of the laws in Bulgaria, the DIY approach may work well.

The turnkey solution

If your time is valuable and you want to obtain Bulgarian citizenship fast, we would say – contact us asap. The extra money you will pay will be your wisest investment ever. Obtaining citizenship on time and without hassle should be your main goal. Not obtaining it, should be your greatest fear.


  1. Dear sir/madam

    I am Indian citizen and 40 years and I like to visit Bulgaria soon on tourist Visa and please help me or let me know how its possible to get a residency card or work permit to stay and live and wor6un Bulgaria with legal way….and if its possible then what is total fees and how much time it will for whole process

    Hope hear you soon


    1. Author

      Visiting Bulgaria on tourist visa doesn’t imply obtaining immigration visa in first place. If you want to legally obtain residency status in Bulgaria, please contact our offices at your earliest convenience.

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