Most of the Bulgarian citizenship by origin scams are in Russian! The scammers are usually offering not only assistance for Bulgarian citizenship, but also Romanian and Polish citizenship through “finding” the “right” birth certificates.

The scammers are striking again – offering fake certificates of Bulgarian origin

We have been warning you for many years already. Please don’t fall in the trap of the internet scammers. There is huge amount of online offers to secure you Bulgarian origin. What you will get is a FAKE birth certificate for your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents. In this fake certificate will be written that your ancestor is of Bulgarian origin (nationality). The scammers will tell you that this birth certificates is “sort of real” and that it will lead to citizenship by origin.

This is a LIE! Instead of Bulgarian citizenship, you will get JAIL TERM! And a lifetime ban to enter Bulgaria and the EU!

The State Agency for National Security

The worst thing for you is that until your citizenship by origin application is being processed, the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security will be digging in your application. Without their approval – no citizenship can be granted, period! And did you really think they are that stupid to let you pass through with fake birth certificate? Did you really think they don’t know how those fakes look like and where all they originate from? The thing is that the scammers who have lured you in this scheme will cover their traces and won’t be caught. But you will be!

You will be dragged through the Bulgarian courts, eventually extradited if you are abroad. The police and the prosecutor will interrogate you. You will find out that you have paid the “agent” either in cash or you have wired the money to a homeless moron who has passed the money to the scammers and has no idea who they are. And you will get criminal sentence and conviction – your lifetime branding of being a criminal.

But didn’t the “agent” tell you it was all legal and working?

Well yes, he certainly told you that the scheme works and is almost legal. He has even referred you to someone who has obtained Bulgarian passport through his services.

Many people have already obtained Bulgarian citizenship by origin with my assistance!

the scammer’s statement

Do you really believe that? Do you really think that genuine investors are paying hundreds of thousands for EU passport, but you, the smartest of all, will get Bulgarian citizenship by mean of one (fake) paper? And that the Bulgarian secret services will let you succeed… Come on, get real! Chanced to get Bulgarian citizenship through this route are less than 0,00000000000001%. Chances to get criminal conviction are 90%.

What should you do then?

First of all, stay away from such schemes! You don’t want to be waiting for the cops to knock on your door. And if you get involved in such scheme, this is something that you will be doing the next 10 to 15 years, at least. Even if you get as lucky as the lotto winner and get approved for citizenship, it will still be revoked few months later. By Bulgarian law, it can be revoked if the documents are found to be fake. And they will be.

But what if you have already fallen in the traps of the scammers? What if you have already applied for citizenship with fake documents? We believe that in this case you should report the case to the authorities, before they come for you. And if you have a good lawyer, you may get away with this. And you may still get Bulgarian citizenship later, this time legally.

Peace of mind is important

Nothing is worth your sleep. And you have participate in citizenship by origin scam, you will lose your sleep for years. Because if you get caught, and you will, your life will be ruined. Do you really deserve it? Think about it and for God’s sake, don’t even think of participating in these scams!

For urgent assistance, please contact us without delay!

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