Uncertain future for many Telus employees in Bulgaria

Telus, the company that was moderating Facebook’s content in Bulgaria is losing some of its related business. According to BoulevardBulgaria, Telus will no longer moderate the Bulgarian social network.

At the same time, we are not only consulting many Telus employees, but are seriously considering providing employment opportunities to some of them.

Foreign employees of Telus are searching for alternatives in order to stay in Bulgaria

Since it became apparent that Telus is losing an important part of its business in Bulgaria, many employees of the company have reached to us with requests for assistance. What they all want is to remain in Bulgaria, rather than to be transferred to another country or be dismissed. Most of the affected employees are Russian speaking young people, not necessarily of Russian origin though.

Long-term residence permit

The options for Telus employees are to either find another employer in Bulgaria or to negotiate with Telus to remain employed in the country. The problem is that the lost FB business is leaving many Telus staff in uncertainty. Many of them have been already working in Bulgaria for some time. They are now close to the magic 5-year term when they can obtain permanent residence status. Being transferred to another country, would be the end to their plans though.

Our assistance to ex-Telus employees (or those who feel uncertain with Telus anymore)

We are assisting Telus’s employees who are reconsidering their employment options and are willing to keep their legal residence status in Bulgaria. We are actively assisting them to secure their legal residence status in Bulgaria, obtain new work permit, EU Blue Card, permanent residence or even Bulgarian citizenship. If you feel unsecure about your future with Telus, we urge you to contact us asap. You may even be offered an employment opportunity with our group of companies.

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