Work permit is issued for specific employer in Bulgaria

We are often being asked to provide assistance to non-EU nationals in order for them to obtain work permit in Bulgaria. And we often realize that most of the foreigners, same as foreign employment agents, don’t have a clue how the things work here.

No one for all work permit

The most important thing that one should comprehend is that in Bulgaria, one doesn’t get a “general” work permit. Such that it will enable him to work for any company or institution in the country. In Bulgaria, work permit is issued for specific employer. With this work permit, the employee can only work for this particular employer. If he wants to change job, then a new work permit will be required.

It is not possible to get a work permit in advance, with the purpose to start hunting for a job. One has to find an employer first and only then a work permit can be applied for and obtained.

Who does NOT need a work permit in Bulgaria

Not all foreigners require work permit in order to have a job in Bulgaria. The regime is regulated by the Law on the labor migration and labor mobility. The following categories of foreigners do not need work permit in the country:

  • Some categories seamen;
  • Foreigners who hold prolonged-term or permanent residence in Bulgaria and their family members (prolonged-term is different than long-term);
  • Those with granted asylum protection in Bulgaria;
  • Foreigners for whose such right is foreseen in an international contract where Bulgaria is a side of (very rarely the case);
  • Family members of Bulgarian citizens (very often the case);
  • Family members of EU citizens (including Switzerland and EEA), who enjoy right of free movement, as result of international treaties with the EU;
  • Members of diplomatic and other similar bodies;
  • Officially accredited journalists;
  • Refugees, victims of human trafficking, etc.

Our assistance is a life saver for many foreigners

Many non-EU foreigners are struggling to meet the ends in their own countries. There are many Indians, Bangladeshi, Nepali, etc. who are desperate to find work. Many of them have tried countries like Dubai and Qatar, but the inhumane working conditions are driving them to look for alternatives.

Other foreigners, ie the digital nomads or highly skilled IT specialists are also targeting Bulgaria as employment destination. All of them need our support to get the most suitable work permit for their situation. And of course, a visa D and a residence permit consequentially.

If you have found your employer already, but are faced with the bureaucratic wall, please contact us or ask your employer to liaise with us. We are more than confident that we will be able to assist you.

If you haven’t found an employer yet, it is too early for you to think about work permit. Still, you may contact us to discuss your situation and eventually be assisted professionally.


  1. my name is zuel rana I am Bangladeshi I need a Bulgaria work permit.and I am from Portugal. please tell me you have Portugal office

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    I want Bulgarian work visa

  3. I want someone or any recruiting agency who have any demand letter to export manpower in Bulgaria. Because, I am seeking someone or visa recruiting agency who can help us to issue work permit or visa in europe.

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