What to do if your Bulgarian visa is rejected?

You have applied for Bulgarian visa, but the authorities have rejected your application. What can you do? What are the consequences and what are your options?

Visa types in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the following three visa types are issued to foreigners who wish to enter the country (art.9a from the Law for the foreigners):

  1. Airport transit visa, type A;
  2. Short stay visa, type C;
  3. Long term visa, type D.
visa for airport transit

Airport transit visa (type A)

The transit airport visa only allows entry into the transit international airport zone. It doesn’t allow entry in Bulgaria, even for short period. This is not the “usual transit visa” that may be issued in order to drive through the country.

short term visa (tourist visa)

Short term stay visa (type C)

The short stay visa can be issued as “standard transit visa” with allowed “pass-through” period of only 48 hours. It can be also issued as “standard short stay visa” with allowed period of up to (usually) 90 days.

Both the airport transit visa type A and the short stay visa C can be for single or multiple entries.

long-term Bulgarian visa

Long term visa (type D)

And then there is the “golden ticket to the EU” – the long term Bulgarian visa type D. It is issued to foreigners who wish to stay long-term or permanently in Bulgaria. This visa has a validity of up to 180 days and in some cases can be up to 360 days. The visa D always comes with right of multiple entries.

Who decides whether the visa may be issued or not

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs decides and appoints the responsible officials (ie from the embassies and consulates), who are authorized to issue the following visa types:

  • short stay visas with validity (do not confuse validity with the allowed stay) of up to one year;
  • long term visa for stay up to 360 days (doesn’t apply to the “standard” visa D with allowed stay of up to 180 days);
  • emergency transit and short stay visas with allowed stay of up to 15 days.

The authorized consular officials need special authorization from the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security and the Services for Administrative Control of the Foreigners in order to issue the “standard” long term visa D (AKA immigration visa).

What happens when visa is rejected?

no Bulgarian visa

Banned to enter Bulgaria/EU

First of all, after visa is rejected, the chances for successfully applying for another visa (either on the same or on other grounds) are virtually non existent. In such cases, the authorities are applying the norms of Art.10 of the Law for the Foreigners and the candidate is practically deprived of the opportunity to enter Bulgaria in any foreseeable future.

Chance to appeal

When the Consulate or the Embassy rejects to issue visa, this rejection can be appealed administratively. Such appeals are very rarely successful, as the applicant is basically appealing the rejection in front of the same institution that has rejected the visa in first place. It is still possible, with professional legal support, to prove that the rejection has not been justified and the visa to be issued.

In cases when the administrative appeal fails, the candidate can appeal the rejection in Bulgarian Court. In such cases, our legal expertise is vital, as this is the applicant’s last resort.

What to do if your Bulgarian visa application has been rejected

First of all, contact us immediately. The allowed timeframe for appealing is short, very short! If you don’t appeal, the rejection becomes final. In such case, your chances to ever visit Bulgaria again are melting away. What is even worse is that the Bulgarian rejection will impact also your chances to ever visit the EU too, as all member states share information.

The good thing is that if you believe that your intention to visit Bulgaria is genuine, we will certainly be able to help you.


  1. after how much time period court gives its verdict about visa refusal appeal ?

    1. Author

      Depends on what the real reason for the refusal is.

  2. I applied for a Bulgaria visa for touristic purpose. I submitted all the necessary supporting documents including my business registration documents, my personal bank statement for six months, my business bank statement for six months including a bank reference letter as well as insurance and evidence of my civil status in Nigeria. Equally included in the application are my property title documents only to be refused on the ground that they aren’t not sure I would leave Sofia at the end of my visit. Kindly advise on my best options

    1. Author

      Your visa has been rejected on the most common reason unfortunately. We would recommend you to consider, if this is possible, appealing in court.
      Best regards,

  3. i am refused from schengen can i apply for bulgaria tourist visa ?

    1. Author

      We can’t answer that as we don’t know the reason for your rejection.

  4. Good day sir/Madam please I applied for visit visa to Bulgaria..have just been told that have been denied the visa… please assist me

    1. Author

      You can contact our offices for urgent assistance if you want to appeal the rejection.

      1. Dear sir unfortunately recently 01:02:2024 study visa type D is refuse from Bulgaria embassy in Pakistan.please tell me any solution i am so sad.

        1. Author

          You have 14 days to appeal in court. We would advise you to seriously consider appealing, as otherwise, your chances to obtain EU/Schengen visa again may decrease dramatically.

  5. My daughter is going to Bulgaria with type D visa to study in Sofia medical university from United Arab Emirates. I applied for type C visa to accompany her for 4 weeks. My visa is rejected 2 times now. I just received an email from the consulate in United Arab Emirates that my visa was rejected. What are your charges and how long will it take for this process? She needs to travel in 5 days. Kindly get back to me asap.

    1. Author

      You shouldn’t have applied for this type of visa in the first place. If you need urgent assistance, please contact our offices in Sofia or our representative in Dubai.
      Best regards,

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