Obtaining Bulgarian visa D with a lawyer’s help – necessity or waste of money?

Our clients are always supported by professional immigration lawyers through the process of the application for visa D. Let's see however how important is the lawyer's support and whether one can get along without it...

The Bulgarian visa D is the first step towards relocating to Bulgaria and the EU. But getting it, without professional assistance, is harder than many tend to think. So is hiring an immigration lawyer a good idea? And are there any independent lawyers in Bulgaria, who are capable to dramatically improve your chances of getting visa D? And last, but not least, what are the pros and cons when comparing the services of independent lawyer with these of a legal office?

The advantages of the lawyer’s assistance

Let’s dig into the real advantages of the professional lawyer’s assistance and analyze where the lawyer’s expertise is most vital. So what are the advantages for you when your visa D application is dealt through a professional lawyer?

Administrative assistance – not really that important

Hiring a good lawyer will certainly increase your chances of success. The lawyer will also assist you with the administrative part of the process. There are many forms and declarations that need to be filled in, so the lawyer will make these for you. You will basically need only signing underneath and providing the required paperwork, ie criminal record. While this is definitely an advantage for you, there are some good administrative offices in Bulgaria, who are capable of doing this job for you as well. Even some “independent agents” will be able to assist you with the filling of the forms. So in a nutshell, the administrative assistance is not the lawyer’s big advantage. Preparing and filling forms doesn’t really require huge legal expertise or professional experience. Still, it’s a nice add-on to have a lawyer make all these for you.

Knowledge of the legal system – indispensable!

Here is where the lawyer’s help is absolutely vital! The immigration legislation in Bulgaria is extremely complicated. The legal norms are being applied differently between the different regional immigration authorities and it is often the Bulgarian Court that has the final word. Utilizing the professional assistance of a lawyer will guarantee you that your rights will be fully protected. There is really no alternative here. Administrative offices are absolutely useless if you count on them to interpret and apply the legal norms. The “independent agents” have absolutely no clue about the legalities, so they are no alternative neither. As for the “international agents”, we rather say nothing…

Appealing visa D rejection in Court – exclusively through a lawyer

In 99% of the cases when we are approached by a foreigner, who has been rejected for visa D, we advise him to appeal in the Court of Law. And such appeal can only be carried out by licensed lawyer in Bulgaria. All other “agents” will charge you huge money only to pass on your file to the cheapest lawyer with questionable reputation. In the case of rejection, having a really good and professional lawyer, backed by a whole team (as is the case with Posolstvo.eu), is a must. If a visa D gets rejected and is not appealed successfully, this usually means an end for your dream to ever relocate to the EU.

Credibility of the application – Posolstvo.eu’s main advantage in Bulgaria

The immigration authorities in Bulgaria prefer rejecting anyone’s application rather than approving it. Bulgaria has been criticized on the highest EU level for letting too many immigrants cross the border. As a result, the policy now is – reject everyone! What the authorities fear even more though is that their rejection will be appealed successfully in Court. And they know that when we are behind the candidate, the Court appeal is as good as certain, should the applicant be rejected.

With that being said, even hiring another independent lawyer, will definitely increase the credibility of your application. The authorities will presume that a rejection may eventually result in legal appeal. The resources however, that any independent lawyer has, are incomparable with those of Posolstvo.eu’s. And above all, the track record that we have in the Court room have, already long ago, convinced the immigration authorities, that our clients will not stop if their visa D is not granted.

Are there many professional immigration lawyers in Bulgaria?

The short answer is NO. In Bulgaria, the most lucrative business for the best lawyers is definitely not in the immigration field. With all the money that the EU is pouring into the economy, there are far better opportunities to make big buck for the legal offices. As a result, there is huge shortage in lawyers who know the in and outs of the immigration legislation. Even we have difficulties when hiring young legal advisors, as we usually have to pick only one out of one hundred candidates, to match our clients’ expectations.


  1. My name is Singh,i am Indian .I have been living in Germany with my girlfriend who is Bulgarian for the last 12 years. We also have an 11-year-old daughter who has a Bulgarian passport. Now I want to marry my girlfriend and get a Bulgarian visa. want to. Respekt Singh

    1. Author

      We can assist you with your marriage formalities and to obtain Bulgarian visa D. Please contact our offices if you need assistance.

  2. I’m Anamul Haque From Bangladesh. i would like to say, i need one work permit visa from you.

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