Afghani immigrants are being detained in Bulgaria by the police

More than 40 illegal immigrants have been detained in various places in Sofia in the last 24 hours. Most of them are Afghans fleeing the Taliban regime. However, there are Syrians and Iraqis among them too.

Most often, foreign nationals are found near the villages of German and Lozen (close to Sofia) or around the Trakia Motorway.

After being arrested, the immigrants are “accommodated” in some of the centers of the Ministry of Interior or the refugee agency.

Many illegal foreigners living in Bulgaria to be detained soon

Because of the flood of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, the police authorities in Bulgaria are performing frequent document checks on the streets of all big cities. Foreigners, living in Bulgaria, who don’t have their documents in order are already being detained and sent to the illegal immigrant centers to await extradition.

Illegal foreigners should act now to prevent extradition and huge fines

If your documents are not perfectly in order, probably it is now your last chance to take the necessary legal steps to legalize your stay. Being proactive may mean the difference between life in Europe and extradition to your own country. For legal assistance, please contact us asap.

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