The Bulgarian CBI (in Russian)

Our representative talking about the “Bulgarian State Citizenship Investment Program” and how to legally obtain EU passport during the International Emigration Expo 2016 held at the Hyatt Regency in Kiev.

The latest news about the Bulgarian CBI

  • Bulgarian citizenship – more absurdities in the legislation
    Renunciation of previous citizenship BEFORE obtaining Bulgarian citizenship The problem with the requirement for a candidate for Bulgarian citizenship by ordinary naturalization to renounce his or her previous citizenship reaches new dimensions. More and more clients are seeking our assistance after they have already been approved by the Citizenship CouncilContinue Reading
  • Renunciation of (existing) citizenship in order to obtain Bulgarian citizenship
    Legal analysis of the norm of Art. 1(6) of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act (“BCA”) Is it necessary for a non-EU citizen to renounce his/her citizenship before he/she can be naturalized (obtain Bulgarian citizenship)? After reading the BCA, the answer to this question seems obvious. However, let us see whether theContinue Reading
  • Citizenship by origin interview at the Bulgarian embassy
    What you should know when you are applying for Bulgarian citizenship by origin from abroad? Today we had yet another client, who has been waiting for her Bulgarian citizenship application to be approved. And so she has been waiting for more than 2 years already. So what is the problemContinue Reading
  • Bulgarian citizenship for special merits – the hot ticket in 2024
    Citizenship for special merits – “investment citizenship” on steroids During the past couple of years, investment citizenship has been harshly criticized by the world powers. The United States and the European Union were among the fiercest critics of all Golden Passport and Golden Visa programs. We can now certainly sayContinue Reading
  • Bulgarian citizenship for Russians – mission possible?
    The new liberal Bulgarian government and the effect on Bulgarian citizenship for Russians We will be darn direct today, straight to the point. In Bulgaria, the new government is cancelling Russia and everything Russian – at full speed. And the ruling political “assembly” is doing its job quite successfully, toContinue Reading

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