The Bulgarian CBI (in Russian)

Our representative talking about the “Bulgarian State Citizenship Investment Program” and how to legally obtain EU passport during the International Emigration Expo 2016 held at the Hyatt Regency in Kiev. Please be sure to toggle the English subtitles.

The latest news about the Bulgarian CBI

  • Bulgarian citizenship for Americans
    From Bulgarian citizenship by investment to citizenship by origin – US citizens are applying massively More and more American citizens want to get hold of EU passport We wrote already that since 2016-2017, the number of USA candidates for Bulgarian citizenship by investment has been steadily on the rise. ItContinue Reading
  • The controversy of Art.25, par.1, p.2
    The Bulgarian Law for the foreigners The law for the foreigners is the main legal act that regulates the status of the foreign citizens in Bulgaria. The law is also very important, because it correlates with the Law on the Bulgarian citizenship. Hence, some of articles of the law forContinue Reading
  • Bulgarian citizenship for Macedonians – now harder than ever!
    Macedonians face huge difficulties when applying for Bulgarian citizenship by origin During the last year, Macedonians of Bulgarian origin have bombarded us with distressed calls. They have all applied for Bulgarian citizenship. And in 80% of the cases, they all had the same problem: Their application for Bulgarian citizenship byContinue Reading
  • Rejection of your Bulgarian citizenship application – the top 18 reasons explained
    How to make sure your Bulgarian citizenship is approved In this article we will outline the main reasons for failures of Bulgarian citizenship applications. These are the main pitfalls when the applicant acts without our assistance, either alone or with an agent without the adequate professional experience. The advantages ofContinue Reading
  • We solve problems!
    The rejection rate of the applications for Bulgarian citizenship by origin seems to have skyrocketed in 2020. Why is that and how can you avoid it? Please read further for more details. We help Yes, that’s precisely what we do. We help people solve their immigration formalities and settle legallyContinue Reading

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