The Bulgarian CBI (in Russian)

Our representative talking about the “Bulgarian State Citizenship Investment Program” and how to legally obtain EU passport during the International Emigration Expo 2016 held at the Hyatt Regency in Kiev. Please be sure to toggle the English subtitles.

The latest news about the Bulgarian CBI

  • Invest in Exchange Traded Funs and get Bulgarian Citizenship in one year only!
    Sounds too good to be true? It certainly is. The new 2021 Bulgarian citizenship by investment program provides this unique option. Invest on your own name (on your bank account) in wide range of stock-exchange traded ETFs and get Bulgarian passport in as little as in 12 months. How toContinue Reading
  • Malta under fire (AKA the Henley & Partners leaks)
    The “Malta leaks” sets the new rules for investment residence and citizenship in the EU Last week we witnessed something very important in the world of citizenship. It is now the social perception in the West towards the “Rich Russians” that will play a major role in the EU GoldenContinue Reading
  • What’s wrong with down under?
    Something is happening in Australia and New Zealand Aussies and Kiwis are both in the top 5 nations, willing to apply for Bulgarian citizenship under the new 2021 program. Why is that? What may be the reason for such huge interest in 2021? The once “British subjects” are now havingContinue Reading
  • Huge interest from Americans to apply for the new 2021 Bulgarian CIP
    American citizens have always been interested to obtain EU citizenship (but now the interest goes exponential) We and our citizenship by investment wing are experiencing an unprecedented interest from citizens of the USA about the revamped CIP. The amount of enquiries is such that we are considering opening a dedicatedContinue Reading
  • Bulgaria passes major amendments to its citizenship law
    Bulgaria retains its investment citizenship program and makes it even more attractive for many international investors During the last couple of years, there were many who were thinking that Bulgaria will bend knee and will cancel its investment citizenship program. And indeed, Cyprus did just that at the end ofContinue Reading

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