The Bulgarian CBI (in Russian)

Our representative talking about the “Bulgarian State Citizenship Investment Program” and how to legally obtain EU passport during the International Emigration Expo 2016 held at the Hyatt Regency in Kiev.

The latest news about the Bulgarian CBI

  • To a dear friend – part 2
    …continued from To a dear friend A special lady’s quest for fairness Life ain’t fair, but good people make it worth living it! Alexander Dobrinov The Bulgarian parliament, under an immense pressure from abroad, approved controversial amendments to its citizenship law. The amendments not only broke some basic legal principles,Continue Reading
  • The documents for Bulgarian citizenship by origin application
    Bulgarian origin is proven mainly by means of documentation One of the most frequently asked question by our clients is: Are my documents, proving my Bulgarian origin, sufficient? Will I be required to present more documents during the application? frequent question from our clients To answer this question, we willContinue Reading
  • Retaining foreign citizenship while obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by origin
    We receive more and more questions about whether one can retain his foreign citizenship if he obtains Bulgarian citizenship by origin. In this article you will find the answer to this question, straight from the source. Citizenship “by birth” vs citizenship by origin Bulgarian citizenship by birth is conceptually differentContinue Reading
  • Bulgarian, Bulgarian citizen or person of Bulgarian origin?
    The problem in short author: Alexander Dobrinov Anton’s mother was born in 1946 in Bulgaria as a Bulgarian citizen. At the time of birth, both her parents were Bulgarian citizens with non-Bulgarian nationality. Still a minor, she and her parents immigrated from Bulgaria and all of them have renounced theirContinue Reading
  • Permanent residence by investment obtained under the pre-2021 law
    Your questions about Bulgarian investment residence answered A lot has changed in the Bulgarian legal framework regarding immigration and citizenship. The Bulgarian citizenship law and the Bulgarian foreigner’s law were both seriously amended in 2021 and 2022. Today, we will shed some light on one very important topic for manyContinue Reading

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