The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program

Hristo Vasilev - VD&A
Our lawyer Mr Hristo Vasilev explaining the particularities of the Bulgarian Passport and the conditions and the advantages of the “Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment” program.

The latest news about the Bulgarian CBI

  • Bulgarian nationality mentioned in non-Bulgarian passport?
    Bulgarian nationality in foreign passport (or birth certificate) We often receive questions like the one below: In my mother’s Ukrainian passport*, it is written that she is of Bulgarian nationality. Am eligible to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by origin? * many times “Bulgarian nationality” is mentioned in the birth certificate orContinue Reading
  • Get Bulgarian citizenship by investment from 2023
    Bulgarian citizenship by investment – still possible in (for the lucky ones) Special conditions until If you have been following the investment citizenship marketplace in the past couple of years, you are probably thinking that it is all over. You may be thinking that after the demise of all EUContinue Reading
  • How to prove Bulgarian origin?
    Bulgarian, Bulgarian citizen or Bulgarian origin. Who is which? How is Bulgarian origin proven? Who are the persons of Bulgarian origin? Proving of Bulgarian origin; is it possible through the court? We will try to answer these two questions today. Before continuing further, we recommend that you reading our articleContinue Reading
  • The lawyers of VD&A are helping the Bulgarian society and the foreign investors to get justice
    Investment citizenship customers are suing the Bulgarian State for damages After the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program was halted in 2022, many thought that the Bulgarian Parliament has done a proper job. But this may prove not to be the case. It is now the Bulgarian Court to determine whetherContinue Reading
  • Why is it so difficult to obtain Bulgarian citizenship and passport?
    Bulgarian citizenship – one of the most difficult to get in 2023, yet one of the most desired in the world After the demise of all EU investment citizenship programs, the Golden Visas were slaughtered too. We can safely say now that: Investors can not get neither fast-track citizenship, norContinue Reading

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