The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program

Hristo Vasilev - VD&A
Our lawyer Mr Hristo Vasilev explaining the particularities of the Bulgarian Passport and the conditions and the advantages of the “Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment” program.

The latest news about the Bulgarian CBI

  • To a dear friend – we will never let you say good-bye to your Bulgarian dream!
    Bulgarian permanent residence permit and citizenship for Russians Imagine the following situation. An applicant for Bulgarian citizenship successfully passes all naturalisation stages. As a result, logically, she is approved and the Citizenship Council sends a proposal to the President to grant her Bulgarian citizenship. And now imagine, three years later,Continue Reading
  • How you will NOT obtain Bulgarian citizenship for special merits
    Special merits vs selling hamburgers Life is a funny thing. Yesterday we had an enquiry from a British guy, who wanted to obtain Bulgarian citizenship for special merits. He thought he would be providing special merits to Bulgaria if he opens a fast-food booth and employs two Bulgarians. Seriously? SpecialContinue Reading
  • Are Russians and Belarusians “banned” from investing in Bulgaria?
    The Bulgarian investment promotion law – let the witch hunt begin… On March 8th, 2024, the new amendments to the Investment promotion law were officially published in the Bulgarian State Gazette. And to be honest, we are very seriously concerned as to where the Bulgarian politicians are leading us to.Continue Reading
  • Many candidates for citizenship by investment will lose their PR status in 2024
    Many Bulgarian citizenship by investment (the old program) candidates will lose their permanent residence status in 2024 Do you still remember the times when one could get Bulgarian citizenship in only 12 months? This is the theoretical term, not counting the administrative procedures of course. But it’s still lightning fast.Continue Reading
  • Bulgarian citizenship – more absurdities in the legislation
    Renunciation of previous citizenship BEFORE obtaining Bulgarian citizenship The problem with the requirement for a candidate for Bulgarian citizenship by ordinary naturalization to renounce his or her previous citizenship reaches new dimensions. More and more clients are seeking our assistance after they have already been approved by the Citizenship CouncilContinue Reading

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