The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program

Hristo Vasilev - VD&A
Our lawyer Mr Hristo Vasilev explaining the particularities of the Bulgarian Passport and the conditions and the advantages of the “Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment” program.

The latest news about the Bulgarian CBI

  • Important news for our South African clients
    South Africans may be stripped off their citizenship if they obtain another one The South African court has ruled that SA citizens who obtain second citizenship (of another country) may be deprived of their SA citizenship. This can be avoided by applying for retention in advance. We are currently updatingContinue Reading
  • Same sex couples and immigration to Europe
    Comprehensive study on the acceptance of same-sex relationships Uglobal published very informative article about the worldwide recognition (or the lack of it) of same-sex relationships, when it comes to immigration (residence permit and citizenship). It appears that not all countries apply the same standards, although the European legislation is graduallyContinue Reading
  • Why nobody talks about CITIZENSHIP by investment anymore?
    Citizenship – much better than mere residence If you have been following the global citizenship marketplace in the past few years, you have certainly noticed certain shift in terminology. If you know what citizenship or residence by investment is, you should know by now that citizenship by investment has alwaysContinue Reading
  • Invest in Exchange Traded Funs and get Bulgarian Citizenship in one year only!
    Sounds too good to be true? It certainly is. The new 2021 Bulgarian citizenship by investment program provides this unique option. Invest on your own name (on your bank account) in wide range of stock-exchange traded ETFs and get Bulgarian passport in as little as in 12 months. How toContinue Reading
  • Malta under fire (AKA the Henley & Partners leaks)
    The “Malta leaks” sets the new rules for investment residence and citizenship in the EU Last week we witnessed something very important in the world of citizenship. It is now the social perception in the West towards the “Rich Russians” that will play a major role in the EU GoldenContinue Reading

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