The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program

Hristo Vasilev - VD&A
Our lawyer Mr Hristo Vasilev explaining the particularities of the Bulgarian Passport and the conditions and the advantages of the “Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment” program.

The latest news about the Bulgarian CBI

  • Bulgarian children born abroad
    Bulgarian citizenship for children of Bulgarian parent, born abroad Life is a strange thing. Yesterday he was just a client. A man from nowhere. An American asking for legal assistance. It was one of those hundreds requests we receive every day – “how can I get Bulgarian citizenship for myContinue Reading
  • Bulgarian citizenship by origin for Turkish citizens
    More and more Turkish citizens looking back to their Bulgarian roots The almost 500 years common history of Bulgaria and Turkey can’t be forfeited. As we say in Bulgaria, “one can’t make water out of blood“. And now that Bulgaria is part of the EU, many Turkish citizens are lookingContinue Reading
  • Bulgarian citizenship for “Bulgarian” children born abroad
    Children of one Bulgarian parent may be or may not be considered to be Bulgarian citizens There are many “Bulgarians”, who have been born abroad. Logically, many of them have one Bulgarian and one foreign parent. And some of them got automatically other citizenship at the time of birth. TheContinue Reading
  • Bulgarian origin SCAMS – 2023 update
    Most of the Bulgarian citizenship by origin scams are in Russian! The scammers are usually offering not only assistance for Bulgarian citizenship, but also Romanian and Polish citizenship through “finding” the “right” birth certificates. The scammers are striking again – offering fake certificates of Bulgarian origin We have been warningContinue Reading
  • We urgently need special legislation to enable Bulgarian Jews to obtain fast-track citizenship!
    Descendants of Bulgarian Jews need to be able to restore their “legal roots” and get Bulgarian citizenship – fast and easy This article is inspired by our Client, an American doctor with Jewish and Bulgarian roots. She has been fighting the system in Bulgaria, together with us, for quite someContinue Reading

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