United Kingdom is effectively banning its citizens from marrying foreigners

The UK’s changes to the legal migration rules for family and work visas in 2024 is one of the most controversial acts of this century. What will basically happen is that the majority of the UK citizens will be deprived from the right to marry foreigners. This is of course if they intend to be living in the UK together. There is the option to move overseas of course (i.e. India, Pakistan, etc.). Or alternatively, wife and husband can live in separate countries. But is this what democracy is all about? Human rights anyone? European values?

What is changing in the UK and how will it hit the rights of UK citizens

On 04.12.2023 James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, announced future changes to visa rules. The new rules are aimed at reducing immigration, but the methods used will definitely hurt basic human rights of British citizens.

Alongside with other changes, the most controversial amendment, in our opinion, is the drastically increased amount that Brits will need to earn in order to benefit from the right to live with their foreign partners on UK soil. The minimum income required to sponsor a spouse/partner for a visa will be increased from £18 600 to £38 700. At the moment of visa application, only the income of the UK partner will count! For prolongation of the residence right, the income of both partners will count though. It is still uncertain whether the new rules will be applied for those who are prolonging their visa, but for the time being it seems that it may be the case. People will need to prove this income has been earned during a 6-months period prior to the application.

Only few Britons will be able to meet the new financial requirement

The new financial threshold will basically ban the majority of the UK’s population from their right to live with their foreign partners in the UK. According to figures from HM Revenue and Customs, only 27% of the UK population earn this much (or more). The other 73% will need to settle overseas, if they want to be together with their beloved ones.

New wave of Britons moving to Bulgaria in 2024

Once the new visa rules hit the headlines in the UK, we started receiving more and more requests from UK citizens to assist them relocating with their foreign partners to Bulgaria. Obviously, for many Britons, Bulgaria is a far better option than is India or Pakistan. Not only they can stay closer to the UK, but as an EU member state, Bulgaria provides some options to legally return back to the UK.

What an irony, isn’t it. Once upon a time, Britons discovered Bulgaria as a cheap destination for rural living and affordable housing. Now they do discover Bulgaria as a transit route to their eventual return back to home, in the UK. Together with their foreign partners. Back in the UK…. or was it, once upon a time, “back in the USSR”…

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