The new liberal Bulgarian government and the effect on Bulgarian citizenship for Russians

monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia, Bulgaria - beheaded
The remains of the beheaded Monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia – the liberator from fascism!

We will be darn direct today, straight to the point. In Bulgaria, the new government is cancelling Russia and everything Russian – at full speed. And the ruling political “assembly” is doing its job quite successfully, to the enjoyment of their mentors.

So if you are Russian citizen and you are thinking of obtaining Bulgarian visa-D, residence permit or Bulgarian citizenship – think again. We don’t say it will be impossible, we say it will be difficult. So difficult that we have hard time not naming it impossible.

But don’t think that if you are anti-Putin, pro-Western or anything of that sort, don’t think it will be to your benefit. Because you are Russian, aren’t you. In the eyes of the ruling assembly, you are just that, Russian. You are their reason to stay in power for as far as they keep on canceling you.

Please take your time to watch the episode of the wonderful movie “Hotel Rwanda” above. And don’t be mad on Colonel Oliver. He is just telling you the truth, no matter how much he hates it.

How to get your Bulgarian visa, residence permit or even citizenship in the current political realms?

Getting Bulgarian visa, ID and even passport is still possible though. Of course, you will face difficulties at each and every step of your application. We recently had a Russian client living permanently in Armenia, who was not allowed to submit his documents at the Bulgarian embassy in Yerevan. After our intervention, he could file his visa D application though. But only a few days later, he got a phone call from the embassy, informing him that as Russian, because of certain sanctions, he is not allowed to apply for visa D. Another client has applied for citizenship by origin, only to be told that Russians can’t be of Bulgarian origin if they don’t present “special proof”. What a crap.

But this crap is what you will need to overcome from now on.

And if you want to succeed, if you want to win the battle with the system, you will need flawless legal support and ultimate legal compliance.

You will need not only complying with even the tiniest regulations, but to also convince the state officials that approving your application will not cause them any problems. Because in general, approving anything Russian related in Bulgaria now, brings problems to the one who has approved it. And logically, no state official is prepared to take this risk. It is our team’s job however, to ensure that the state authorities can have the peace of mind and that we, as legal company, can take this burden off their shoulders. All this to your benefit, basically your only hope in the realms of the current political situation in Bulgaria.

For any assistance or further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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