The time has come. Investors can finally get their long-awaited Bulgarian citizenship by investment.

The last couple of years have been a roller-coaster (actually a massacre) for the EU investment citizenship programs. As result, virtually all EU Golden Passport programs were first transformed to Golden Visa and then ultimately, cancelled altogether. But today, because of special provisions in the Bulgarian legislation, eligible investors can obtain Bulgarian citizenship by investment. And this is fantastic news for many of them. Especially for those who have purchased Bulgarian government bonds and have so far felt betrayed by the Bulgarian government.

Who can qualify for Bulgarian citizenship under the special provisions of 2021?

In brief, foreigners who are holding investment permanent residence permit for 5 years or more do qualify. Investment PR permits have been most frequently issued after an investment in Bulgarian government bonds. The uniqueness of the special provisions is that the candidate does not need to surrender his/her current citizenship nor to pass Bulgarian language exam.

Yoana Dobrinova and Bulgarian passport

The Bulgarian passport and citizenship are a dream for many freedom-minded foreign citizens.

Please read more about the conditions of the special provisions of 2021 to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by investment.

Professional assistance and meetings with clients from April 1st, 2023

From this April, we will be organizing bi-weekly meetings with qualifying customers in our offices in Sofia. Additionally, our lawyers will be travelling to customers worldwide to meet in person. The special provisions of 2021 sound almost as “too good to be true”, especially after the EU declared “war” on all investment citizenship and golden visa programs.

Currently, the special provisions of the Bulgarian citizenship Law of 2021 are the only feasible option to obtain fast-track EU citizenship

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information or to organize a meeting in our offices or at your place, anywhere in the world. Please be advised that we will be providing services under the special provisions to qualifying customers only and to members of the VD&A Gold Club.

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