Bulgarian permanent residence permit and citizenship for Russians

Imagine the following situation. An applicant for Bulgarian citizenship successfully passes all naturalisation stages. As a result, logically, she is approved and the Citizenship Council sends a proposal to the President to grant her Bulgarian citizenship.

And now imagine, three years later, the same person, instead of enjoying her “Bulgarian dream”, can only hope that “the probability of success in the end is not zero”. The probability to obtain Bulgarian citizenship, after a formal approval by the Citizenship Council? Sounds crazy, right? Unfortunately this is a real life story…

woman applying for Bulgarian citizenship
Theoretically I’m ready to continue my thorny path if you believe that the probability of success in the end is not zero at least.

It’s too difficult to say good-bye to my Bulgarian dream.an approved applicant for Bulgarian citizenship

Our friend and her Bulgarian dream

We have thousands of clients, many of them in the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. But this lady is not really a client for us, she is first and foremost a friend. Her words about the “Bulgarian dream” touched us deeply. Because for her, Bulgaria is a dream. A dream that the authorities don’t want to happen.

But this made us angry too. Angry, because we sensed desperation. After all she did for her Bulgarian citizenship to happen, after pouring so much money in the Bulgarian economy, she is fearing that her chances may be non existent. And note her wording – Bulgarian dream. She did everything by the book. She spent time and money for each and every step of the application process. And after passing all naturalisation stages, she finally got approved. She was approved for Bulgarian citizenship, but the unscrupulous authorities shattered her dreams.

We will make it happen

We understand her desperation though. After reading our article about the amendments to the Investment promotion law of March 2024, we bet she is worried. But good people deserve their dreams not to be shattered. People like her deserve their dreams to come true, no matter how thorny the path may be. And we will definitely go the extra mile to make her Bulgarian dream to materialise. Because she deserves it! We will stand by her, no matter what, until she gets what she was already approved for – Bulgarian citizenship!

Once I had her hand, I never wanted to let go of her.Ottilie Weber
You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.John Lennon

The good news

The good news so far is that Bulgarian permanent residence card holders will enjoy visa-free travel to all Schengen member states from 31.03.2024. This is especially important for citizens of countries who require visa to visit the EU. And especially for those who are in the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship, so they can enjoy full freedom of travel, while we fight the Bulgarian bureaucracy.

Alexander Dobrinov

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