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A special lady’s quest for fairness

Life ain’t fair, but good people make it worth living it!

Alexander Dobrinov

The Bulgarian parliament, under an immense pressure from abroad, approved controversial amendments to its citizenship law. The amendments not only broke some basic legal principles, but have also affected the lives of many wonderful people. People, who put heart and soul, on top of their investments, are now feeling as if they have been scammed.

Yuri Antonov’s wonderful song

Justice will prevail, but unfortunately only in the Court of Law

When the Court is the last resort, things have gone too far already. And unfortunately for many victims of the legal absurdity, this is their only way forward. Even Josepf Göbbels was defeated in the German court by Georgi Dimitrov, so justice usually prevails when the judges have the say. Still, its sad that such comparisons spring to mind today.

Our support

We will keep on fighting for fairness. And we will help the good people get justice in Bulgaria.

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