Obtaining instant Bulgarian citizenship – mission possible

The Bulgarian passport became so famous in recent years, that many consider it to be one of Bulgaria’s most important assets. While we definitely disagree with such extreme statement, we also have the feeling that the whole world is now hunting for Bulgarian citizenship. At the same time however, the requirements to obtain Bulgarian passport are becoming much more difficult to comply with. Luckily, there is the hidden treasure of the Bulgarian citizenship law – citizenship for special merits.

Who is Bulgarian citizenship for special merits suitable for

So who can qualify for Bulgarian citizenship for special merits? This is the one million dollar question. The law stipulates for who is the citizenship for special merits:

A person who is not a Bulgarian citizen may acquire Bulgarian citizenship without the conditions under Article 12, if the Republic of Bulgaria has an interest in his naturalisation or if the person has special merits towards the Republic of Bulgaria in the social and economic sphere, in the field of science, technology, culture or sport.Art. 16 of the Bulgarian Citizenship Law

Obviously, the legal texts are vague, but this is also the golden opportunity for many candidates. It seems that everybody is eligible, but at the same time, isn’t it too good to be true? The truth is that only few will qualify for Bulgarian citizenship for special merits. Most foreigners, who are approaching us, think of special merits citizenship as for citizenship by investment. They tend to think that they can “offer” something in return for a Bulgarian passport. They do believe that there is someone from the government, who will weigh their “offer” and will eventually accept it. Well, this is not how it works.

Citizenship by merits is not a contract with the government

Unlike with citizenship by investment, there is no agreement with the government for the special merits option. The beauty, the charm of the citizenship for special merits is that you must be invited for it. You can’t go to the Ministry of Justice and ask to pass citizenship interview. You can’t file an application. Nothing like this is possible.

What must happen though is that the government must find out out about you first. The authorities must be informed either about your services, that you have already provided to Bulgaria, or your potential to be of value to the country in future. And you probably guessed it right – you can’t promote yourself directly. This promotion must be done wisely, legally compliant, to the right people, in the right Ministry. And most importantly – by the right “promoter”. The relevant Minister must be convinced that any such promotion will eventually be a plus for the country, as well as for his personal political career.

Premium services

Bulgarian citizenship for special merits is subjective. Obtaining it requires high level of professionalism and perfect approach with the political establishment. Many times, the applicant will need to build-up his reputation first, before he is promoted to the relevant Minister for Bulgarian citizenship. This is what we are assisting with. We don’t say that everyone who tries will succeed. But if we are positive about the outcome and we take the job (we definitely don’t work with everyone, who is ready to pay us for the job), the application will most probably be successful.

You can read more about the VD&A’s premium services for Bulgarian special merits citizenship. In general, these services are only available to the VD&A Gold Club members, but in some cases, new clients may be considered as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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