Nobody can dispute the beauty of the Russian and Ukrainian girls. And the rate at which Bulgarian guys are marrying them is mind-blowing. For the first quarter of 2021 we had 17 times more enquiries to assist Bulgarian-Russian/Ukrainian couples with their marriage and visa formalities than for the whole year 2019.

Ukrainian girls in Kyiv
Kiev has become a hub for marriages of Bulgarian men with Ukrainian women

The challenges for the Russian and Ukrainian brides in Bulgaria

Unfortunately, the problems which the Bulgarian-Russian and Bulgarian-Ukrainian couples are facing are manifold. It seems that the Bulgarian authorities are often deeming such marriages to be fake. The amount of refusals to issue visa D for the Russian/Ukrainian girls is also frightening.

Even if visa D is granted, the authorities are often rejecting the application for long-term residence, once the Russian/Ukrainian wife is in Bulgaria. Often, the only way forward is through the Bulgarian courts.

Our assistance

We assist with the most frequent problems that Bulgarian citizens face when they intend to marry Russian and Ukrainian citizens:

  • Full assistance in order to marry in Bulgaria (preparation of all documents, etc.);
  • Assistance to obtain visa D;
  • Full assistance to obtain long-term residence permit for the Russian or Ukrainian wife of Bulgarian citizens;
  • Preparation of all documents and application for permanent residence permit;
  • Support for the application for Bulgarian citizenship.

If you need any additional information, please get in touch with our offices in Bulgaria or with our representatives in Moscow and Kiev.

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