Remember Henry VIII (and his wives) and how he broke with Rome. Well guess what, his spirit is still alive today, or so it seems. Only this time it won’t be Rome, but Brussels that may “excommunicate” the British.

More and more reports for hostile treatment of EU citizens on UK soil

The slightest suspicion that someone may be entering Britain to work is often enough for them to be locked up, held at detention centres for up to a week and then expelled to wherever they have travelled from…

the Guardian

Unfortunately, the UK citizens, who are in no way guilty for their country’s policies towards the EU citizens, may soon find out how difficult their life in EU will become. From our experience in Bulgaria, we are already feeling that sometimes it is easier for Pakistani national to obtain residence permit than it is for a British. And in all honesty, unless the UK authorities change their attitude towards Europeans, we have no moral right to demand from our government any “other” treatment.

Tourist visa for British citizens to enter the EU?

Does that sound too far fetched? If we were in 2020, we would have laughed at such statement. But now we have reasons to believe that this option is not completely off the table for the EU politicians. We still consider the chances that the EU will introduce visa regime for UK citizens to be minimal though.

Assistance for Brits to obtain Bulgarian residence permit and citizenship

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Assistance for Bulgarians in the UK

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