We continue to provide urgent assistance to those who need to bring their immigration status in Bulgaria in order.

If you need to prolong your Bulgarian visa, your visa-free stay in the country or your residency privileges, please contact us asap.

general doctor Vencislav Mutafchijski
Doctor Vencislav Mutafchijski – Head of the National Operations Headquarters, fighting the spread of the coronavirus in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus. At the time of writing this article, some extraordinary measures are being applied for the period between 13.03.2020 and 13.04.2020. It is widely expected however that this period may be prolonged.

During the state of emergency, there are many foreigners who will urgently need to:

  1. Prolong their visa while in Bulgaria (or their visa-free right of stay in the country);
  2. Apply for long term immigration visa D;
  3. Apply for or prolong their residency permit in Bulgaria.

If you fall within any of the above categories, you need to take action fast. We will fully support you in order to ensure that you obtain visa prolongation, visa-free stay extension, immigration visa or residency permit in Bulgaria.

Please rest assured that we will provide professional assistance with full observation of all medical precautions in order to prevent any risk of virus infection!


You may also email us at help@posolstvo.eu for professional visa support.

You are currently in Bulgaria, but your visa is about to expire soon (or has already expired)

This is one of the most widespread scenarios. If this is your case, you will need to immediately apply for extension. Failure to do so may result in huge fines and even a ban to re-enter Bulgaria.

You want to apply for for Bulgarian immigration visa type D

This is the case for many foreigners who have grounds to obtain Bulgarian long-term or permanent residency. Such are for example the family members of Bulgarian citizens or investors willing to apply for Bulgarian citizenship by investment.

During the state of emergency period, you may encounter serious delays and increased rate of rejection.

You hold passport from a country that has visa-free regime with Bulgaria (i.e. Ukraine, USA, etc.)

Depending on your citizenship, you are most probably allowed visa-free stay in Bulgaria for maximum of 3 months. If this period is about to expire (or has already expired), you need to act fast.

You are already in Bulgaria and have to apply for residency permit

If you are already in the country and are in possession of visa D, you must now apply for and obtain residency permit. Depending on your case, the permit may be either long-term (ie for spouses of Bulgarian citizens) or permanent (ie for investment citizenship applicants).

To prevent extreme delays or even rejections, we recommend you contacting us asap.

Whatever your case may be, contact us so we can take care for the legalities. You can then take better care for your health. Once this is all over, we will have much better times ahead!

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