The covid-19 infection spread is causing horrible damage not only to the people’s health, but also on the world economy. We perfectly understand that some of us are more fortunate financially than are others.

Preferential conditions for those who deserve it the most

Therefore we are providing preferential conditions to those who can’t afford professional immigration assistance during the state of emergency period. Qualifying candidates should meet simultaneously the following two criteria:

  1. Their particular case should require urgent intervention to prevent serious negative consequences (ie people stranded in transit due to the emergency state in Bulgaria or abroad, etc.);
  2. All perspective candidates for preferential conditions should have income status that is not higher than the minimum wage for Bulgaria for 2020.

If you need urgent immigration assistance and believe that you are meeting the above conditions, please email and/or

Uninterrupted services for all our clients

We are of course also assisting our “regular” clientele during the emergency state period. Please note however that we have to take special precautions in order to protect both our clients and our employees from the covid-19. The administrative and governmental offices are also applying restrictive measures and some are working with limited resources. Therefore, please expect to be required to pay certain fees for services that require additional or special processing.

Our company’s social responsibility policies are being fully applied during these dire times

To avoid unnecessary exposure to risk of infection from the coronavirus, we recommend everybody to stay at home and use common sense.

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