Ukrainians and Russians escaping the bloodshed of the war – under the sun in Turkey

The number of Ukrainian and Russian citizens seeking refuge in Turkey is growing by the day. And we can’t blame them – everyone’s life is precious. And even when it comes to patriotism, one has to realize how important one’s life is.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.

Roy T. Bennett

Many Ukrainian and especially Russian citizens are also staying in India, Georgia and any country with visa-free regime for Russian passport holders. But they can’t stay there forever. What they all desperately need is the right to live permanently in a stable and well-developped country. And no country is better than Bulgaria for that purpose. Bulgarian legal residence comes with a countless advantages of its EU membership.

Виолета Добринова - костенурка и заек

Legal solutions for Ukrainian and Russian citizens

There are basically two options for Ukrainians and Russians in Turkey. The first one is to obtain visa D for Bulgaria and then apply for residence permit. The second option, available only to few, is to apply for Bulgarian citizenship by origin. Logically, obtaining citizenship is a much more rewarding than long-term residence. But the time it takes to obtain it is also much longer.

Worth mentioning is the sharp increase of scams on the internet and offers for cheap, fast and guaranteed Bulgarian citizenship by origin. Hopefully the Russians know where the "free cheese" is and will use their brains before parting with their money and their clean criminal record.

As to applying for visa D, there is also another problem. Under normal circumstances, the visa needs to be applied for from Ukraine or Russia. To many Russians this can result in mobilization and sending them to the war zone. In Ukraine, the Bulgarian embassy may not able to operate normally, especially after the latest missile attacks. In some cases, there are legal options to avoid that.

Our assistance

We are dealing with the most complicated cases in Bulgaria, when it comes to legal immigration and Bulgarian citizenship. We are also working in close collaboration with the law enforcement agencies to prevent citizenship scams. If you need assistance to legally obtain Bulgarian residence permit or citizenship, please contact our offices for assistance. You can also get in touch with us if you believe that you have been scammed through an “irresistible” offer to obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

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