EU may re-introduce visa-regime with certain countries?

The EU will most likely re-introduce visa regime with certain countries in the near future.

More specifically, the countries in the Western Balkans, which allowed citizens of countries with visa regime with the EU to enter and then try to pass the EU border. This has been, according to EU officials, mitigated, but the problem is likely to be addressed again.

Other countries that are under the EU radar are those who offer investment citizenship programs. According to EU officials, these schemes:

pose security risks including those related to infiltration of organised crime, money-laundering, tax evasion and corruption for the EU. These allow non-EU nationals to acquire the nationality of a visa-free country and enter visa free into the EU, by-passing the EU short stay visa procedure.


EU citizenship becomes the only option, while exotic investment citizenship – a thing of the past

Since EU expressed its deep concerns about the investment citizenship program of Vanuatu, the global citizens community understood that the time of the exotic passports has come to an end. At the same time, the EU has already slaughtered virtually all EU citizenship by investment programs. The options for those born with “poor passports” were brought down to only few residence by investment programs in the EU. In our opinion, the most lucrative of all was and remains the Bulgarian Golden Visa program.

A side note about the USA visa regime with the EU

While the EU worries are quite justified, we are puzzled why there is no action on EU level with respect to the EU visa reciprocity rules. Namely, the USA is still requiring entry visa from some EU countries, including Bulgaria, while the US citizens are travelling visa-free to all EU member states?

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