The end of investment citizenship – worldwide

The “war” on investment citizenship by the European Commission and even the USA is giving results. Basically, the pure citizenship by investment, in the form we used to know it, is now officially dead! And this is worldwide, not only in the EU. Even tropical islands that used to offer golden passports for investment have closed their programs (or will be closing soon). This is so, because the EU and the USA are cancelling all visa-free agreements with third countries, who run citizenship by investment programs. After these moves, the value of these passport is dropping significantly.

Bulgarian Golden Visa – the easiest way to secure your place in the EU through permanent residence permit (and to get EU citizenship)

The good news is that Bulgaria didn’t quite cancel its investment citizenship program. Rather, the parliament decided to keep the option open to grant investment golden visa to foreigners from third countries. The Bulgarian Golden Visa program will now have to conquer the famous Portugal Golden Visa, but it has some very serious advantages.

For more information on the new regulations in Bulgaria, please be sure to check the updates on Bulgaria halts its citizenship by investment program (for now), but goes forward with a Golden Visa program.

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