The Great Russian exodus of 2022

On 21.09.2022, a (partial) mobilization in Russia was announced by President Putin. Formally, the mobilization was effected through decree №647. With that, the great Russian exodus of 2022 has started.

Russians leaving the country to avoid mobilization

Immediately after the mobilization was announced, many Russian men started fleeing the country to avoid being drafted. Israel and the UAE were probably the prime destinations for the Russians seeking shelter. Those with residence permit of an EU country didn’t need to be reminded where they may go.

Russians with Bulgarian residence permits arriving massively though the Turkish border

Due to the cancelled flights, Russians are trying to reach Bulgaria mainly via Turkey. Some are flying to Istanbul and then have friends or relatives pick them up and drive them to Bulgaria. But all that is of course only possible for those with long-term or permanent residence permits.

How can Russians get Bulgarian visa in 2022

Russians can still get Bulgarian visa after the war in Ukraine started, but definitely not as easy as before. Tourist visa C is currently almost impossible to obtain though. Long term immigration visa D is a another story.

Bulgarian visa D for Russians – still possible

If the Russian citizen, no matter how complicated the political situation is, has legal ground to obtain residence permit in Bulgaria, then his chances to get visa D are very, very realistic. This is on condition that the application is done flawlessly and through an embassy or consulate that is willing to process the documents.

No matter how difficult though, getting immigration visa and obtaining residence permit in Bulgaria now, may save a life, many lives in fact. And if you are into saving lives – get in touch with us.

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