Raoul Wallenberg's passport
Raoul Wallenberg’s diplomatic passport

Bulgarian long-term and permanent residence permit – the license to live

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. There is one thing in common between Ukrainians and Russians though. They all suffer and seek shelter abroad. They all want to stay away from the war, they all want to live. And for that, they desperately need EU residence permits. And while Ukrainians can eventually opt for refugee status, Russians have no such options.

Is there something we can do to help them? Yes, we can do what we are best at – fighting the red-tape and legalizing their stay in Bulgaria

Let us remember today what Raoul Wallenberg did for humanity 78 years ago

Raoul Wallenberg saved thousands of Jews during WW2. He gave them what they needed most, he gave them passports so they could live! He gave them a piece of paper that saved their lives.

To me there’s no other choice!

Raoul Wallenberg

How we can help Russians and Ukrainians to legalize their long-term stay in Bulgaria

We urge all Ukrainian and Russian citizens who want to find shelter in Bulgaria to contact us immediately. The EU is a nice place to live in, but one has to be fully compliant. Staying in Bulgaria without valid visa or work permit may have catastrophic consequences. And in times of world unrest, extradition is the worst possible scenario.

We will help Russian and Ukrainian citizens apply for and obtain long-term and permanent residence permits. If needed, we will also assist them to obtain the legally required visa D from any country they feel comfortable travelling to (visa-free). We remind that this is possible only after an explicit permission from the Foreign Ministry.

Attention: Fake Bulgarian passports on offer!

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we receive more and more reports about fake Bulgarian passports being offered to Ukrainian and Russian citizens. Usually the scammers are offering the victim “legitimate passport” for a a fee of about $30000. The criminals claim that the passport is real and the victim will be granted urgent citizenship by the President, most likely within 2-3 weeks. Needless to say that this is all 100% scam and the victims risk not only the money paid, but also a lengthy jail term for documentary fraud.

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