The good ole EU investment citizenship & residence programs – thrown to the lions!

That’s All Folks!

Remember the good ole times when investors were comparing Bulgaria with Cyprus for investment citizenship? Remember when Portugal was still an option to buy brick, mortar and freedom? It’s all history now. Investment citizenship, golden visa, these are the declared “Witches of the XXI century“.

The laws that these programs were enacted with, are being burned and branded as evil thing of the EU’s shameful past. And from now on, we will need to live in the new realms. One day, if money in the EU/USA becomes scarce again, things may change.

Bulgaria remains the last EU option

For the time being however, Bulgaria remains the last resort for those seeking freedom. The remains of the Bulgarian CIP are probably the last chance for a non-EU national to obtain full EU citizenship in relatively short time. And the Bulgarian citizenship by origin route becomes a life-time opportunity for many foreigners with Bulgarian roots.

The world after the demise of the last Golden Visa fortresses, Portugal, Ireland…

Those investors, who were lucky enough to get EU investment citizenship already, or at least EU residency, are now living different life. They were the lucky ones. Those who were hesitant are certainly cursing now their indecisiveness. They know now that good things don’t last forever. EU fast-track citizenship and residency is almost a thing of the past now. Luckily, with some exceptional opportunities in Bulgaria, still in existence.

If you are serious about obtaining EU residency and citizenship

If you are serious about enhancing your freedom by obtaining EU citizenship or residency, get in touch with us. We may be in position, depending on your personal situation, to assist you in obtaining fast-track EU residency in Bulgaria and even Bulgarian citizenship.

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