Bulgarian citizenship for the people in Turkey

In continuation of Bulgarian citizenship by origin for Turkish citizens

Turkey and Bulgaria have a lot of shared history. In Bulgaria, almost 10% of the population speak Turkish, as mother tongue. Most of these people also identify themselves as being of Turkish ethnicity. Likewise, in Turkey, there are many people with Bulgarian roots and connections. Most of them are descendants of Bulgarian immigrants who have moved to Turkey in the 20th century.

Alexander Dobrinov, Deha Bahcuvan and Hristo Vasilev
from left to right: Alexander Dobrinov, Deha Bahcuvan and Hristo Vasilev

In recent years, well not so recent anymore (after Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007), the world became crazy about getting Bulgarian passport. People from around the world, from USA to Australia, from South Africa to China, everyone was willing to obtain Bulgarian citizenship. Many tried the citizenship by investment route. Others decided to obtain Bulgarian residency first, so they could get naturalized some years later. For the people in Turkey however, there is another option available.

Bulgarian citizenship by origin for Turkish citizens

The Turkish Bulgarians (AKA the Bulgarian Turks) whose parents left Bulgaria decades ago and settled down in Turkey, have now the unique opportunity to apply for Bulgarian citizenship by origin. No need to invest millions, no need to wait forever, the only task is to prove Bulgarian roots. In no way is this task easy. On the contrary! But that’s why we are here to help.

Posolstvo.eu in Turkish

With the professional assistance of Mr Deha Bahcuvan, we are working hard and are building up the content of our website in Turkish. Please feel free to visit and read the latest news about the options to obtain Bulgarian residence and citizenship.

We will be soon publishing new articles in Turkish, with many legal details, about the procedures to obtain Bulgarian residency and citizenship. Stay tuned…

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