Macedonians face huge difficulties when applying for Bulgarian citizenship by origin

During the last year, Macedonians of Bulgarian origin have bombarded us with distressed calls. They have all applied for Bulgarian citizenship. And in 80% of the cases, they all had the same problem:

Their application for Bulgarian citizenship by origin has been denied, although all necessary documents have been submitted.

Ridiculous attitude by the Bulgarian authorities

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The Bulgarian authorities and more specifically the Ministry of Justice and the Citizenship Council are rejecting huge number of Macedonian applicants. It puzzles us why is this weird attitude towards the people of the closest to Bulgaria country – Macedonia.

Macedonian citizens who have obtained valid certificate for Bulgarian origin, issued by the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, are being rejected Bulgarian citizenship by origin. And this is done MASSIVELY!

We now even have a case where 2 Macedonian brothers apply for Bulgarian citizenship together. And guess what – one of them is rejected and the other one approved!

The rejections are issued without any sound legal backing, often even without informing the applicant. What is even worse, is that those rejections are often carried out in such a way, that the legal options for the applicant to appeal are close to non-existent. Luckily, our team is in position to employ the latest legal practices of the EU and to protect the rights of those who have been deprived of their constitutional right – Bulgarian citizenship (by origin).

Our position about the problem of rejecting the Bulgarian citizenship applications by Macedonians

We are deeply concerned about the stance of the Ministry of Justice and the Citizenship Council towards the ethnic Bulgarians from Macedonia. We can not comprehend how can it be possible for a country to deter its ethnic citizens of Bulgarian citizenship and to render them (only) citizens of another country. All other countries are making huge effort to unite and attract their citizens from around the world. Romania is welcoming its minorities from Moldova, Russia from Ukraine (and vice-versa), etc. Even the UK is now giving citizenship path to the people of Hong Kong (albeit for purely political reasons). At the same time, the Bulgarian authorities are acting strangely, least to say. We think it’s a shame.

Our actions to help change the problem with the Bulgarian citizenship for Macedonians on legislative level

Laws need to be fair. And Bulgaria is obliged to apply fairly the Constitution and the Laws. We believe that Bulgaria is depriving its people from Macedonia from their basic rights. And we believe this is unfair.

The Bulgarian Constitution states that:

Persons of Bulgarian origin acquire Bulgarian citizenship through easier procedure.

Art.25, par.2 from the Constitution of Republic of Bulgaria

Bulgarian citizens residing abroad are under the protection of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Art.25, par.5 from the Constitution of Republic of Bulgaria

From what we see, the procedures are not easier. Nor are the rights of the Bulgarian people in Macedonia being protected. On the contrary, the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice is making the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by origin – close to impossible, for many!

In line with all that, we are now establishing special communication channel with the following authorities to help ethnic Bulgarians from Macedonia obtain citizenship easier:

  1. The Parliamentary Committee on the policies for Bulgarians abroad;
  2. The Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  3. The Ministry of Justice;
  4. The ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  5. The Citizenship Council.

We will be constantly airing our deep concerns about the treatment of the ethnic Bulgarians by not providing them their right – to obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

How can we help you

We believe to be the only company in Bulgaria capable of successfully dealing with rejected applications for citizenship by origin. The process is difficult and at times, we hit a brick wall, because of legal vacuum. Therefore, we urge those of you who have been declined Bulgarian citizenship by origin to contact us for urgent assistance.

Our efforts with the Bulgarian authorities are also set to improve the legal framework, but this is a slow process, requiring legislative amendments. In the meantime, the sooner you contact us, the higher your chances to re-claim your rights – your Bulgarian citizenship!

What about the Bulgarians in other countries?

flags of Ukraine, Serbia, Albania and Russia

It is not only the Macedonians who face difficulties with the restoration of their Bulgarian roots. Ethnic Bulgarians from other countries – Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Albania, Turkey – they also face the same hostile treatment.

We do our best to protect the interests of everyone. Law should be more important than politics. We believe that the Bulgarian authorities must assist the ethnic Bulgarians from the neighboring countries better and give them Bulgarian citizenship – fast!

The sooner you contact us – the better

Please contact us asap if your citizenship by origin application is rejected. If you haven’t applied yet, get in touch with us as well. This will enable us to submit your application professionally so your chances of approval will be much, much higher.

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